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What are on my Nokia N95 – and no need for iphone

Posted by Charles | June 7, 2007 .

nokia n95 What are on my Nokia N95   and no need for iphone The iphone circle of news heats up when closing to its release day in the US. But really from usage point of view, Nokia N95 can do much better, even though official rollout from US operators also not start. I’ve got a N95 for about a month and start doing more and more with it everyday, in US.

I use T-Mobile. Once poped in the SIM, literally the N95 configured itself to be able to access all the T-Mobile’s features including MMS and T-Zone. Well, I entered a wrong number at a point so the SMS function got screwed up. But it’s easily got fixed once put in the right service number.

There tons of functions that I can go over with it. But later. Let me show you what I installed on it as extras.


GMail Mobile

N95 actually comes with an email application that can be used to connect to gmail or any POP/SMTP email account. It even alert you with new emails via SMS. I felt it’s just cooler to have gmail mobile client installed. It turns out the best mobile app I have so far. The UI is great and the short key (number key) to access your emails is just great. Getting mail is easy no matter via t-zone or via my WiFi. It’s a java application so most phone will work with it. N95 comes with the most complete set of J2ME stuffs.


Anybody has a capable camera phone needs try ShoZu. From ShoZu’s phone list, I picked N93 because it uses the same OS (S60). They haven’t put N95 on there yet (too US focused). Installation is easy and fast using the Nokia app installer. ShuZu gives you two features: Share-It and and ZuCasts. With Share-It, you can upload the photos or videos to about 20 free media sites such as flickr, youtube and blogs. I setup mine with Flickr, YouTube, CNN video, MSN Live Space and Family Email. You can setup to automatically upload when a photo or video is taken. ZuCosts provides downstream media. You can setup to download audio and video clips from CNN, MSNBC, etc. with scheduled time and download size. Tested out and works great. N95 has internet video too that allows you get video clips from several sites. I use it and love it too. BTW, not sure how ShoZu guys make money though. Oh, ShoZu also backs up all your contacts on the phone to server. It’s a must-have tool for people like me who upgrades phone every year (N95 will last me at least two year I think.)

mBounce Clock

It’s actually a screen saver, written in Flash Lite. N95 comes with Flash Lite and its Flash Lite API allows access to lots of device functions. That’s how the Flash Lite screen saver gets to display time, battery status, etc. Flash Lite applications are big in Asia. US is a J2ME shop. I think we need explore more of the Flash Lite features, considering Flash is the media tool.


Mobile Gmaps is a free application that displays Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps, Windows Live Local (MSN Virtual Earth) and Maps and satellite imagery on Java J2ME-enabled mobile phones, PDAs and other devices. N95 has GPS and comes with free maps. I just want to try other options. Haven’t use it a lot though. It’s free and why not.


This is cool. You install a piece on you PC and another piece on your N95 (or S60 phone). Al of sudden your camera phone becomes a webcam. N95 comes with a 5MP camera and it’s a great webcam. Wwigo requires you to have bluetooth on your PC/Mac though. I tried this with MSN messenger, works great!


It’s a RSS reader. N95 comes with RSS reader actually and works well. FreeRange allows you configure feeds from the server. I like that. You can have 10 feeds for free, enough for me.


Really by looking into iPhone’s spec I don’t see many better features rather than it’s seemly cooler. But people buy “cool” all the time. To me N95 is cool enough.

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  1. clint  July 22, 2007 8:14 am

    I Just bought a nokia n95 i want to try and install msn instan messenger on my phone is it possible i’m on T-mobile network with web n walk If someone knows how i would be most gratefull.


  2. Alexandre Sequeira  July 22, 2007 5:00 pm
  3. moxie  July 22, 2007 6:59 pm

    I use AgileMessenger from agilemobile. Search N95 on this site to find another post on more software installed on my N95.

  4. Anonymous  April 20, 2008 5:38 pm

    thanks for info..


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