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10 Things Won’t Happen in 2008

Posted by Charles | January 2, 2008 .

Happy New Year!  And glad back online. Wondering why lots of bloggers wouldn’t take days off during the holiday.

Anyway, it’s about the time of the year to look further. Also it’s the time we will see all sorts of prediction about what could happen next year. Since I realized that we’ve been good at prediction, sort of, let’s do another one, in different way though. Let’s what won’t happen in 2008.

1. Adobe Won’t Got Acquired

We’ve bet that it would happen before. But Adobe is getting too big. There might be brave hearts to try but it’s just too hard to swallow. I’d say let it stay as it is.

2. Silverlight Won’t Kill Flash

Microsoft bundled IE and killed Netscape. Microsoft bundled Silverlight but it can’t touch Flash, not in 2008. There won’t be Silverlight 3.0, or barely. Unless all the Flash designers turned to other way, there is not whole lot chance anything will beat Flash in years.

3.Sun JavaFX Won’t Take Off

JavaFX didn’t come out with big a bang. I don’t think it will create too big of splash in 2008 either. It might be just fading to become insignificant. Over the years, Java has turned most of Java developers server side developers, who are the most un-creative bunch in term of visual and sexy UI. Unless JavaFX picks up loads of tracks at mobile space, it’ll be another nice try of Sun.

4. Facebook Won’t Go Open Social

As much as people bit on Open Social is the way, Fackbook won’t back off from it’s own platform. When you are said you have a chance to take on Google, you will give it a run. I would, so do those kids.

5. Android Won’t be Just Another Mobile OS

Microsoft should let go of Flash or dump Silverlight, and focus on tackling Android. If anything could rock or turn up side down the MS boat, it could be Android (sorry, not the OS X.) Just wish Adobe knows that too so there will be Flash on it, I mean Flash, not some years-behind-under-developed-2nd-grade “lite” stuffs.

6. Amazon won’t buy eBay or Vise Versa

Even though they are all in e-commerce and all playing platform game, even though they could do thing together more powerfully, but they won’t. The egos of the boy and girl are in the way. Too bad. I really really like the Amazon Web Services though.

7. Google Won’t Be Less Evil

Forgot “do no evil”, Google is evil, ok, like the rest of dominate business. Google has been targeting small guys who wants to make a few bucks online by bypassing its revenue machine in all the 2007. Face it, Google is evil.

8. iPhone Won’t be Unlocked

I might be wrong. Usually people get more stubborn when getting older. That’s why I can’t see Mr. Job will unlock iPhone, even though it makes a huge sense. But it would make sense in the first place, wasn’t it?

9. Adobe won’t release Flex Lite

Not sure if Adobe is trying harder or it’s just hard to try. Flash Lite is still behind Flash. Would it be nice that everything bears the name Flash would use the same language and same development tools? Based on the track record, I don’t think it’ll happen in 2008.

10. Sill Can’t Uninstall IE

Most of people tried and failed. There will be Firefox 3 coming out this year. But, unfortunately, I think we can uninstall IE, still.

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