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RIAs and the Future

Posted by Charles | February 14, 2008 .

The magic of the Internet and Internet-based applications has been its constant evolution. Internet-based applications have definitely brought a number of sweeping benefits, for both businesses and consumers; and it has done so in a surprisingly short time. And now we are witnessing another revolution in the making. This next level of Internet experience is being brought about by RIAs – Rich Internet Applications.

The RIA advantage

RIAs provide users with what is known as HDuX – High Definition User eXperience. Since no page refresh is required, RIA-based websites deliver a rich, interactive and high engaging Web 2.0 experience. Although traditional web-pages have been quite useful over time, the actual experience often leaves a lot to be desired in the present scenario; especially when compared to the usability and richness of desktop applications.

The eCommerce edge

On the Internet, eCommerce is hamstrung by a number of disadvantages, resulting in the loss of millions of dollars worldwide. Customers, confused by the labyrinth of web-pages and lack of client-side intelligence, time and again abandon their shopping carts in the middle of a transaction. Often a single error at one step forces the user to go back to the beginning of a process and start again. Company phone lines get jammed by users unable to comprehend correctly or make headway in simple operations.

The answer to all these problems is ‘simplicity’; a process by which users can perform simple tasks without any hassles and frustrations. RIAs, web-based applications that approach the speed and elegance of local applications, are now helping to provide the solution. They are helping to add client-side intelligence by effectively combining the broad reach and ease of distribution of the web with the interactivity and speed of desktop applications.

User Experience redefined

RIAs facilitate this process by massively simplifying and improving the user experience. Page refreshes are avoided, information expands in place, and video and interactivity help to guide users. This helps completing tasks and finding information a breeze, and the rich data visualization leads to better decisions. Better service leads to better customer response, the bottom line of which is an increased return on investment (ROI).

The RIA future

RIAs are not just about look and feel; they actually provide significant value to the enterprise. Consequently, RIA adoption is increasing day by day. Research and advisory firm Gartner anticipates that by 2010, over 60% of new projects will include RIA technology. ZapThink, another leading IT advisory and analysis firm, predicts that the RIA space will grow to become a $3 billion market by 2011. The widespread deployment of Rich Internet Applications will only make things better for businesses and consumers in the coming days.

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3 Comments so far
  1. gifts  June 9, 2008 2:50 am

    RIA is definitely one those things that is exciting me more and more. The sheer potential RIA has and the amazing benefits it can bring are quite brilliant. I really do think it will shape the way MANY people do business, and shape the future for how software will be made, sold and used. I’m hoping that it forces some of the ‘big boys’ like Microsoft to change their model and, ultimately, I’m hoping that it allows for OpenSource to truly enter the mainstream.

  2. oil paintings  July 3, 2008 10:10 pm

    I am into Affiliate Marketing. Our programs have merchant sites that have great traffic and yet they do not have high PR. I am perfectly aware that high PR does not necessarily mean high traffic at all times. How can RIA help people like me in the world of Affiliate Marketing? How can RIA help us get a balance of traffic and PR for merchant sites? How can RIA help us help our affiliates earn continuous revenues?

  3. alex  November 17, 2009 9:04 am

    nice write-up!

    Personaly I believe RIA ruler will be Adobe Flex and Ajax.
    there are also many jobsite on the tech is

    – alx


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