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What the Facts about Adobe Pacifica Project @ETech

Posted by Charles | March 4, 2008 .

Today at O’Reilly ETech Danielle Deibler of Adobe present Adobe Pacifica Project. Danielle runs Engineering for a VoIP services initiative code named Pacifica.

In general, Pacifica is the service Adobe is developing to put VoIP right inside browser or where ever Flash goes, based on standard technologies.  Here are some facts about Pacifica:

  • Most of the Library, especially client side, is written in ActionScript 3. Some of the core is written in C++.
  • The client side foot print will be around 1.5MB. Obviously, the render is in Flash.
  • The prototype is done. There are about 200 developers, inside and out working on it.
  • The beta version of the project will be released into Adobe Lab early this summer, between April and May time frame.
  • It will be released as a service, or can be licensed as well.
  • At server side, Adobe will handle activation, distribution, media relay and SIP service.
  • At client, the library will handle audio codec, NAT/Firewall, End to End connection, media stream.
  • Pacifica will go where ever has a microphone and Flash.
  • Initially, the release will be on Mac and Windows. They do have it works on Linux but it’s optimized, yet. The reason they put it on Linux is mainly because the want it on devices rather than computer.
  • Pacifica is viewed as a solution for synchronous communication, where email, SMS or life stream on social network in general is asynchronous communication.
  • The want to have voice based synchronous communication maturely available within browser.
  • Try to keep it simple so that there won’t voice reorganization feature build-in. But there might be accessibility features such as text-to-voice.
  • There are bunch of surfers in the team. That’s where gets the code name.

Interestingly Deibler gave three types of use cases:

  • Social Network: There is a Facebook application under development. With the application, you can put out a avatar represent you. You can start voice communication with your friends, the avatar can lip sync with your voice. Of cause, things like this is Flash’s strength showing. The same concept can apply to online dating when you are not ready to show your real face but want to have more engaged communication.
  • Context-driven communication: Add voice and video stream to online chess playing.
  • Customer Service: Something like finding a doctor or a house involves lots of online searching. Usually at the end of the results are bunch of phone calls. That’s how browser native VoIP plays in.

One slide she showed was interesting. It presented the Adobe technology in category such as Client, Framework and Server. In the client area, they have three, Adobe AIR, Flash and Adobe Reader. In framework, they are Flex and AJAX. It’s the first time I realized Adobe puts AIR asides with Flash and Adobe Reader.

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2 Comments so far
  1. Alexandre Gonçalves  July 2, 2008 11:35 am

    I would love to test this application using our equipment over a satellite link, this seems promising. Keep up the good work, also please inform when a public beta becomes available.

    Alex G.

    PS: Good job, NickA!

  2. Buy Penny Stock  November 30, 2010 10:17 am

    Did this ever go into beta? I’d be interested in an update if anyone reads this! Thanks, Dave


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