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100 Flex Business Ideas – 1,2

Posted by Charles | September 1, 2006 .

Still can’t believe you have to mention AJAX whenever bragging about Web 2.0. It’s about time let Flex rewrite the guide book for web 2.0, or as Google CEO said “…maybe the Web 3.0.”

To contribute my share, let me come up with 100 ideas to start some new age web startups based on the Flex technologies.

Idea 1 – FlexTop, Flex Based Desktop

As I mentioned in this post, web desktop (or web homepage) is a battle ground now. There are hot plays like NetVibes, which recently received another $15 millions VC funding, and Eskobo, favoor, HomePortals, Pageflakes, Protopage and Zoozio.

So far there is only one Flash based player, Goowy, which seems really a Flash based. It’s a nice Flash implementation but it’s a long way to go to compete with NetVibes or alike.

There is certainly room for another Flash based web desktop developed using Flex. This Flex desktop should be released with open widget API that allows developers developing widgets to harvest the rich web resources.

The key components are communicates widgets (email, IM, etc.), collaboration widgets (wiki, blog, file sharing, task management, etc.), office applications (word processor, calendar, spreadsheet, presentation and light weight database).

While I can’t see how Goowy makes any money, the new Flex desktop could target SMB (small and mid-sized business) that want to replace costy office and routine productivity tool suite, on a subscription base. A nice SaaS business.

Idea 2 – FlexExcel

Google is working on Google Spreadsheet. But Google is focusing on indexing whatever information put into the spreadsheet and later spam out target advertisement. Of cause it’ll be AJAX based.

However, two most important functions for business focused spreadsheet are equation based calculation and data visualization. AJAX can’t go too far in these areas. Flex so far is the only technology that’ll be well accepted and fit, if the FlexExcel is out (please don’t mention Java Applet).

Anyone wants to chip in? Let the ideas flow…

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6 Comments so far
  1. Nick  September 1, 2006 4:54 pm

    How bout a Flex based online PVR for IPTV? You can search through a list of available “channels” to subscribe to, or individual shows. Then each is added to your account, the channel added to your “Lineup” and the shows as a sort of season pass. Then you can navigate through the listings, Tivo style, and watch a channel live, or go to your list of season pass shows and any episode that has been aired will be available for you to watch, on demand. It will of course stream live at D1 or HD resolutions, of which you can choose one as the default.

  2. Tmeister  September 1, 2006 7:39 pm

    The idea #1 is a reality, his name is desktoptwo, is not Flex, but is FullFlash.

  3. Nathan Drury  September 5, 2006 12:46 am

    I hope Adobe or someone produces an Office like productivity suite (that has at least a word processor, spreadsheet and email client, but a lightweight DB and powerpoint viewer would be good too) that will be a free or cheap addition to Apollo. With MS releasing the XML schemas for their Office file formats, the Apollo Office suite could also be fully compatible with MS Office files. I feel something like this would give Apollo a significant boost in the enterprise market space (especially for enterprise considering moving from Windows), plus there’d be no need for us to use MS Office anymore.

  4. Francesco Galvani  November 5, 2006 8:31 am


    I think you’re right!
    I’ve worked on a Flex based web desktop for the last 3 months… obviously, I’m still going on with the project.

    You can give a look to the first screenshots of FlexOS in my blog: .
    As you’ll see, the post language is italian, but I can translate you whatever you want :-)

    What do you think?

    Francesco Galvani

  5. Aman  March 13, 2007 11:44 am

    After working with google spreadsheet, which I think has a good set of functionality, and flex interactivity, I think its high time someone comes up with a flexexcel. Do you know of anyone working on this?

  6. Patrick  August 31, 2007 2:34 pm

    I am a product manager and would like to see an accounting application for the web written in Flex. Would even be willing to write the requirements myself.


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