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Flash on 64-bit OSs

Posted by Sravan | July 7, 2008 .

Long ago, people belonging to the Linux community filed a petition to Macromedia, Inc. through PetitionOnline requesting them to release 64 bit Linux Flash and Shockwave players.

In a technote affecting Flash Player 9, Adobe addressed the issue a few months back: Adobe is working on Flash Player support for 64-bit platforms as part of our ongoing commitment to the cross-platform compatibility of Flash Player. We have not yet announced timing or release dates.

Tinic Uro, an Adobe engineer working on Flash Player, once mentioned that “it is not a question of ‘recompiling’ the source code, there is lots of generic non platform specific work which needs to be finished first.”

We understand that it is not easy, but whether any work in that direction is really being done remains unclear. Even as the recently released Flash Player 10 Beta 2 comes with new features and other community requested enhancements, 64-bit support remains as elusive.

While this remains Adobe’s stance, here are a few workarounds to run flash movies on 64-bit machines:
1. Adobe: Use a separate 32-bit browser apart from your default 64-bit browser.
2. [OC]ModShop: In Windows, goto $WINDOWS\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash, right-click on FlashUtilvn (where vn is the version number), and run as… Administrator.
3. GNU: Use Gnash, the open source Flash movie player.

Could you please add any other workarounds that you are aware of?

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5 Comments so far
  1. Baz  July 8, 2008 11:42 pm

    Well for me, I see this 64-bit platforms request as a poor whine.

    Yeah it is surely cool to say for people to be working on a 64-bit platform, but people also needs to assume their choice. These ones represent what? 1% probably less? maybe 0.5%? in all the people surfing on the net who might be viewing Flash content.

    When people choose a platform they should look first of the possibilities and constraints of that platform before whining and yelling it is a scandal that Adobe has “still” not released a version for them.

    Just sounds like spoiled kids whinning for a new toy they won’t even use after 1h.

  2. Sravan  July 9, 2008 6:35 am

    Certainly not a new toy that we won’t use after another hour. :-) 64-bit has its advantages, and the reason it remains such a tiny minority is the gaping absence of 64-bit versions of softwares.

  3. abstrait  January 5, 2009 7:42 am

    Bottom line? Flash will NOT RUN ON 64Bit browsers as of 1-5-09. That second solution you have with the right click run in the sys64 folder is absolutely worthless. The ONLY was you can get the Flash 10 player and back to run on Vista 64 is via ye olde 32 bit browser. Supposedly they are coming out with a “Flash 11″ that WILL finally address 64bit browsing but they’ve been saying this for too long to remember.

  4. Sravan  January 6, 2009 6:32 am

    News about Flash 11 is already out? It coming along with a 64-bit version will be cheered about.

  5. DarkPhoenix  January 9, 2010 8:58 am

    Linux Now has a flash plugin for 64 bit browsers. but Windows does not. here is a work around that will work – as your idea #2 above does not work.

    How to make Flash work with 64 bit browsers – Works for FLV type Flash Video.

    We tell our 64 bit browsers to point to 32 bit programs all the time to open content. It does not Have to be embedded in the browser itself which is part of the the problem isn’t it? ( aside from the fact it would not be using less resources due to it’s being 32 bit)
    So big deal.. just point the browser to use a 32 bit external flash application. But HOW?

    I DID IT !!! Read On…

    I have done more searching and I have found a working partial solution.. BUT it’s the LONG way.

    The trick is find a program that lets you download flash files..( I am using the free, Sothink Video Downloader) In my case it’s .flv files like flash movies from You Tube I want to stream. (and I assume you are using firefox or seamonkey.. I don’t yet know how to do this for an IE 64 bit browser) You won’t be able to play the stream in the browser But, when your video downloader program finds the flv file on the page it will open and ask you were to download the file.. IT will have captured the .FLV URL from the you tube page.

    Copy and paste that .flv url back into the address bar. (You do not have to let your downloader program finish downloading the file download the file) At this point the Helper Application will open a dialog box and then you point the FLV extention to the external flash player of your choice. I am using the SoThink Flash Player because it’s small and free and takes little resources. Also check the box that says Always use this program to open this type of file.

    Now you are set up and the file will play through your external player. The next time you want to view a you tube page, simply start the flash download app you have and copy the flv url and paste it back into the browser and poof, it will play. ( You do not have to continue with the download.. we are using this video downloader just to grab the flv url. )

    If you get good at this, the process will take only a few seconds to do manually. This will work with some places but not all. It only works with the commercials at the beginning of HULU tv shows.. not the tv show itself.. I think this is because the flv url is too deeply embedded. I have not tested this with Google Video, just HULU and YouTube.. But it should work as long as you can capture the .FLV URL.

    Well folks it’s not perfect, but it’s a start. Of course until Adobe makes a windows 64 bit flash plugin it’s much easier just to use the 32 bit browser.. but hey.. this was bugging me so I had to try it!

    In a Nutshell: First you use a tool to capture the flv url from the page then you feed it back into the address bar so the helper application will ask you to open it with an external player.. I used SoThink Video Downloader to capture the flv url, and SoThink Flash Player to pop up and play the file.. works nice as long as you can capture the flv url.

    Perhaps some of you could take this idea and help me streamline the process or figure out how to get the deeper embedded flv url from hulu and places like it.

    I would like to find a way to automate the process, perhaps with an extension. I feel if all the bugs could get worked out this would be a nice alternative until Adobe makes the proper plungin.


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