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Problems With the Adobe Website

Posted by Sravan | October 23, 2008 . is a major source for my information. Be it news or new releases or issues or anything directly related to Adobe, I try to cross-check it with some document in the website. Not because it is infallible, but because it is an official source. Often, I spend most of my time on the website chasing a lot of red herrings, hopping from one page to another in an attempt to find what I’m looking for.

First off, it is a very slow site for such a large web organization. Many pages take an unusually long time to load. Navigation is a problem on top of it. Especially after Adobe started some seemingly independent branches like, as they do not come under the domain of I don’t clearly see why not.

Then comes the big search option. Incredibly unhelpful. Though a new feature is the now common drop-down list of featured results, consider a search for “AIR 1.5“, e.g. (Screenshot in hi-res.) In the first eight results we can see that the first and the third are the same, and so are the fourth, the fifth and the sixth. I wonder how many distinct results are present in those 699 returned. Apparently, this search is powered by Google. Oh, Boy! (An “AIR 1.5” Google search fares better.)

Adobe Search

This is one of the top websites on the web where it must take the largest number of clicks to reach a page we are looking for. Perhaps, this is how they got to the top, getting more page clicks than are necessary.

The RSS updates aren’t pushed regularly either.

A couple of months ago, the Adobe Labs conducted a forum requesting people to help them enhance the usability of their website. I can’t comment specifically on that part about how successful it turned out to be, though not many people had left their feedback.

But it is high time Adobe took this matter seriously across the whole domain.

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11 Comments so far
  1. Ronny Karam  October 23, 2008 8:58 am

    Couldn’t agree more.

    Every time I use the Adobe search to try to find something on the site, i end up finding nothing as the search option doesn’t return anything if you enter many keywords trying to narrow the results returned.

  2. Ed  December 31, 2008 1:05 pm

    Had this problem myself and just stumbled on a solution. Try increasing your screen resolution. Don’t know why, but that fixed it for me

  3. Athena  May 15, 2009 8:13 pm

    I agree completely. I want to download the latest upgrade to my software, which will cost me US$200 and can not even get the page to load. So I am out my upgrade and they don’t get my money. Not so pleasant for either side. Wish they would fix it.

  4. Tomasa Garcia  August 17, 2009 11:10 am

    i was able to get a sales rep. take my call and order for a software and program, and of course my credit card payment information!!! I was told I could download the program immediately. However, I was not and still cannot download the program. My payment was made last week. I even received a payment confirmation e-mail. I have tried to call with no results (I have been on hold for over an hour and finally hang up). I want to cancel the purchase and am not able to do so. I no longer need the program since I missed my newspaper deadline!

  5. Sravan  August 17, 2009 8:35 pm

    That seems quite bad, paying and not getting what you purchased. What are you going to do now, Tomasa?

  6. Aaron  September 9, 2009 9:54 pm

    I concur.

  7. Anonymous  March 12, 2010 2:09 am

    Im trying to get in to adobe website and it has been off for weeks now. What’s happening? Is adobe bankrupt or something?

  8. Anonymous  March 28, 2010 1:14 pm


    I totally agree.
    Today I have been unable to download the 3.7Mb Flash update file after several attempts which came through incredibly slowly and stopped completely.
    As you say this is really disgraceful for such a high profile company website.

  9. Beverly Brown  April 14, 2011 2:56 pm

    I think Adobe should be ashamed. You spend a couple hundred dollars on their programs and cant’ get any support. Don’t even attempt to call because you will sit on hold for over 30 min every time. The website isn’t helpful either. Maybe they are bankrupt. I’m sure they have made their millions of dollars so it’s time to get out. I guess that’s big business.

  10. Eugenia  May 31, 2011 4:17 pm

    I am seeng problems accessing via all wireless networks.

  11. You can wrap this around a paper roll or index card – a nostepinne works in a pinch, too.


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