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Custom Skins For Flex Components

Posted by | January 22, 2009 .

The Yahoo! Flash Developer Center is an interesting place that often posts resourceful articles on their Yahoo! Flash Blog. Recently, Jeffrey Bennett posted a how-to on creating custom skins for Flex components. The tutorial has four steps: 1. Creating a skin asset in Flash. 2. Creating the Flex application. 3. Authoring the stylesheet. 4. Application […]

Among the Best Posts of 2008 on Flex RIA

Posted by | January 7, 2009 .

As you all know, I have recently tried to look how Flex RIA was a year ago through the Wayback machine. While it was not possible for me to read each and every post made over the year, here are some I found interesting among the popular ones in each month. Jan, 2008: It was […]

A Few Updates of Tour de Flex

Posted by | December 17, 2008 .

A Million Samples Gregory Wilson, one of the Adobe Evangelists behind Tour de Flex, wrote yesterday on his blog that the app has so far been used to view 1,000,000 samples. James Ward announced the release of the app on the 17th of November, exactly a month ago. Now, that is what we call stellar! […]

Rounding up Adobe Layoffs Week

Posted by | December 8, 2008 .

Adobe in a recent press release announced that it “has taken steps to reduce its headcount by approximately 600 full-time positions globally”. This was buried in the middle of a lot of other dollar-numbers, and what narks me the most is the complexity of business writing which hides the message within itself. Peter of RIAJobs […]

The RIA Cowboy’s Portable Flex App

Posted by | November 13, 2008 .

Portable RIAs are yet to catch up. That is perhaps because most haven’t seen that possibility until Adobe released Adobe Reader 9 with a feature to natively display Flash. James Ward, the RIA Cowboy, has a wonderful tutorial to create a portable RIA with an illustration of embedding a Flex app within a PDF document. […]

Around the World in a Flex Mashup

Posted by | October 14, 2008 .

Most of us like travelling around the world, even though we may not be conscious about Mother Earth. But with the current situation of the world economy, we are forced to tighten our purse strings more than ever. Journeys partially fills our appetite for travel. Through the Flex website, we can go around a virtual […]

Rich App for Rich Presentations

Posted by | October 7, 2008 .

SlideRocket is a rich internet application in every sense of the phrase: rich utility, rich features, and rich look. It has been touted by the Flex community as the first and the best Flex app for a serious and a large-scale utility. It is one of the competitors in the growing SaaS market of online […]

Your Baby’s Scrapbook

Posted by | August 22, 2008 .

Babies! They fill our lives with awe and beauty. They simultaneously make us proud and humble. We would like to freeze each moment and store it forever, but neither can most of us afford it nor do we have such time to spare. That is where enters the picture. The people behind the website […]

Create Your Flex Games

Posted by | August 5, 2008 .

I have never been a big gamer. But I remember sweating for hours at length creating my own stages in Tank and Lode Runner, and being thrilled while playing those as a kid. User-generated content in games could be the next big thing, and PlayCrafter, the gamers’ next big thing. PlayCrafter is a suite of […]

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