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Breaking News With Flex and Google Maps

Posted by | August 1, 2008 .

The apps featured on Adobe Flextv’s “App of the Week” have so far remained obscure. Few links—forget reviews—are discoverable. From now on, I shall try to cover these apps every Friday here.’s Breaking News Map was featured in Flextv’s second episode. The RIA gets news from Reuters using Reuters Spotlight and maps these items […]

10 Flex Debugging Tools and Frameworks

Posted by | June 17, 2008 .

1. Adobe Flex Builder 3 Flex Builder 3 is the biggest tool available for a Flex developer’s tool kit. Armed with an array of features that can speed up the development, the inherent debugger, the memory profiler, and the performance profiler are especially valuable for debugging and improving your applications. It is not free, but […]

Make Flash Sites More Searchable – 5

Posted by | June 13, 2008 .

The Ultimate Solution? Ahmet Gyger has a wonderful SEO model for flash and flex content. Using XML, XSL and SWF for websites. The XMLs contain HTML and all the data you use in your animations, with links to others XMLs. The XSL contains information about the transformation to be done on the XMLs. The XSLT […]

Adobe Flex Marshall Plan

Posted by | June 11, 2008 .

Applications may crash or result in a run-time exception if the APIs used by the caller and those expected by the callee are incompatible. Java, Flash and Actionscript deal with the issue in their own ways. In Flex, attempts to support cross-versioning began with version 2.0.1 though it didn’t work very well. Cross-versioning Support should […]

100 Flex Business Ideas – 13 – Transportation

Posted by | September 19, 2007 .

My friend’s company is relocating to Silicon Valley. His company relocate his family too. He used this Limousine Rentals company for his family in-and-out of town and recommend to me for it’s great deal of convenient and efficiency. So I registered with this site and start browsing the contents. The transportation tracking put of it […]

Alaskan Cruise

Posted by | September 17, 2007 .

100 flex Business Ideas – 12 – Cruise Line I’m planning a cruise trip, the Alaskan cruise is one of my options and heard a lot great stuffs about it. Searching the internet landed on the Alaskan cruise web site. There are good information and have everything I needed. Then, I need more information about […]

100 Flex Business Ideas – 11- Jewelry Show

Posted by | September 12, 2007 .

While I’m searching for new ideas for the 100 flex posts, a bunch of jewelry emails draw my attention (from a to be married friend). One of them is for engagement rings. You wouldn’t believe how much people are willing to spend to get married. It’s a multi-billion dollar business. Any way, the site above […]

When the Time Comes, Starts Here

Posted by | September 8, 2007 .

It seems a night for business. Behind the site, I’ve engaged in a conversion about setting up a business, which is triggered by my 100 flex Business posts. Interestingly, the topics are always going back the very point, which is that starting a business needs a start. Then, the discussion went to how to start […]

100 Flex Business Ideas – 10 – Health Maintenance

Posted by | August 31, 2007 .

If you read the previous Ideas, you would know I like to enrich the healthy care and advertising spaces using RIA technologies such as Flex. This one is about Heath too. I ware contact lenses and always interested in doing something about it or concerned about eye care. Received a news letter the other day, […]

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