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Flex Business Ideas – 9 – Flex Context Advertisement

Posted by | August 24, 2007 .

You might have noticed that I’m on the roll with Flex or Flash advertisement platform. Both of the Idea 7 and idea 8 had something to do with it. The reason is very simple. The current web 2.0 more or less is driven or sustained by web advertisements. Do I need mention how Goolge make its […]

100 Flex Business Ideas – 8 – rate a treatment

Posted by | August 19, 2007 .

The power of Web 2.0 is the power of the crowd. So far we’ve seen rate-a-doctor, rate-a-teacher, rate-a-lawyer and even rate-a-VC. Each of the categories has couple serious business model behind them. Then why not a Rate a Treatment. Medical treatment is a perfect candidate for apply RIA visualization utilizing tools such Flex, only because […]

100 Flex Business Ideas – 7 – Medical Advertisement

Posted by | August 16, 2007 .

Over head on radio about medical vacation, which is getting popular for people seeking things like plastic surgery or anything quick-n-beauty. That made me thinking that the medical online area is very quiet in term of innovation and utilizing latest internet technologies. I checked the site the radio mentioned, Dr. Shapiro’s Hair Institute of Florida, […]

100 Flex Business Ideas – 6 – dancing

Posted by | August 3, 2007 .

One of my friends is a party animal and wants to learn those latest hip hop dance. So he bought this learn to dance video. This brand new instructional dance video teaches him how to dance in nightclubs and other nightlife venues. The problem he had is that the music and dancing encapsulate nightlife entertainment venues […]

100 Flex Business Ideas -5

Posted by | March 8, 2007 .

Let me continue the 100 ideas journey. Idea 5 – FlexComposer Everyone starts asking the same question lately, what’s next, after all-you-can-eat social on the web? I think it’s collaboration. We share, comment, tag, add friends … why not do something together, something creative. You would say, we are doing it now and point me to all […]

100 Flex Business Ideas – 4

Posted by | September 8, 2006 .

It’ll be awhile to get all the 100 ideas but I’ll keep pushing on.   Idea 4 – Flexdget I always think Flex could be a perfect tool for the “widgeting” trend in the web space. To make widget business works, these elements should be in place: Services, widget service regulator, widget API, widget container, widgets […]

100 Flex Business Ideas – 3

Posted by | September 6, 2006 .

The 1 and 2 of the 100 Flex Business Ideas brought us the realization of DesktopTwo. Let’s keep going. Idea 3 – FlexForce So far holds the leading flag of SaaS (Software as a Service). SaaS is considered the new generation way of software development, deployment and consummation. We start seeing the end of […]

100 Flex Business Ideas – 1,2

Posted by | September 1, 2006 .

Still can’t believe you have to mention AJAX whenever bragging about Web 2.0. It’s about time let Flex rewrite the guide book for web 2.0, or as Google CEO said “…maybe the Web 3.0.” To contribute my share, let me come up with 100 ideas to start some new age web startups based on the […]

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