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ReadAIR Not Yet a Reader

Posted by | September 23, 2008 .

After reading several positive reviews about this new way of reading feeds in Google Reader, I installed ReadAIR, tried it, and uninstalled it before starting this review. I found the post reading too long as I wrote it, and so changed it from a mostly negative review to a list of various issues that I […]

Mapping Names and Faces

Posted by | August 27, 2008 .

Don’t we all have trouble remembering faces of some acquaintance we’ve met in the elevator, after a very long time or after a very brief duration in the recent past? Facesaerch (not Facesearch) is a “people face search engine” that comes to our rescue during such times. You can search for any name and the […]

Finally, GeoWeb is Complete and Born

Posted by | March 19, 2008 .

What’s is the best RIA application ever created? If your answer is something around Flex or Flash, then it’ll be wrong answer. The right answer is Google Map. It’s Google Map makes AJAX known and RIA a reality. Google even goes above and beyond claimed the term “GeoWeb“. However, up till now, Google Map is […]

Can You Believe Javascript this Good?

Posted by | December 2, 2007 .

Since the inception of the term RIA, this space is growing into a crowded technology wonderland. Every big guy start owning a piece of it. How about Javascript, which has no owner except lots pushers, big as Google and small as the person created jQuery Solar System page? You will have the answer once get […]

Flash + Java + AJAX + IM = VelvetPuffin

Posted by | August 10, 2007 .

VelvetPuffin, it is a very rare case that all the interesting RIA technologies have been used in one place in a startup. It even more rare that they are applied very elegantly. Aside from everything else, I would highly recommend the site design of this startup, VelvetPuffin. If to use one word to describe its UI […]

uncluttered Amazon the uncluttr way – good AJAX

Posted by | July 27, 2007 .

 A RIA application can fall short, most of time, on cluttered and over designed UI. All the RIA development tools can help very easily creating flashing UI but that’s not creativity. It’s abusing the tools. Simplicity is the king. Here is a good example, in AJAX actually, It’s a services to access Amazon products via […]

5 reasons AJAX is irrelevant anymore

Posted by | July 12, 2007 .

As of now the AJAX hype is dying. I like AJAX as a programming technique. I give it credit that AJAX greatly improved the usability of the Web. However, just look at the status of AJAX relates to the whole Web 2.0 thing, it’s way and way over hyped. I don’t think AJAX is relevant […]

RIA performance benchmark – Flex vs AJAX

Posted by | May 2, 2007 .

Do you want to know among all the RIA technologies or techniques which one has better performance? Well, here is someone did it by James Ward. This is a Flash application. It compares all the sexy RIA items, such as AJAX HTML, AJAX SOAP, AJAX XML, AJAX JSON, Dojo, Flex SOAP AS (ActionScript), Flex SOAP […]

AJAX on Rails – Rails IDE getting fancy

Posted by | April 24, 2007 .

If you are Ruby on Rails developers (if not, try be one), you might be using RadRails IDE for your rails application development (if not, try it). Just you know, RadRails is Eclipes based IDE, as many others. Now, RadRails become classic. The AJAX IDE opensource tool Aptana integrated the RadRails. The Rails part is in […]

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