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AJAX alternative – Flapjax – functional reactive AJAX

Posted by | March 14, 2007 .

To make rich client richer, people try harder to come up with alternatives. Flapjax is one them. It’s a language can be compiled into javascript. It’s a template system that can make javascript page, it’s javascript library that make it like AJAX framework. The code looks like this: Hello world! The mouse’s coordinates are ({! […]

make a wish – right click

Posted by | November 20, 2006 .

I’v reviewed quite a few Flash/Flex based startups (mostly Flash based) recently. There is just one thing I always do when get on to a rich Flash UI site, right-click on items (or Mac equivlent) to see what’s on the context menu. Always barely anything. Looking into those AJAX rich sites such as Google Doc, […]

Fjax – a Exciting Flash based Ajax But much better

Posted by | September 7, 2006 .

Run into a new technology site Fjax. They hacked Flash and Ajax and made this Fjax, which using a 1×1 pixel swf to do the A of Ajax, the asyncronized communication. I shouldn’t say it’s hack. It’s such a well though and clean implementation! How it works? Basically you include a fjax.js file and a tiny […]

COWS Ajax – is it the Ajax on Steroids

Posted by | September 6, 2006 .

The COWS Ajax is getting some attention within the Ajax world. It’s sort of playing the shining armor knight role to save Ajax from its born shortcoming and bring it to the next level. One issue it tries to address is the browser same-origin policy, which plays a important security role in web browser sandbox. […]

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