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The new Flex Viewer is even better

Posted by | March 26, 2010 .

I was sick and was not able to present the new Flex Viewer at the ESRI Dev Summit. My colleagues Bjorn and Mansour(@mraad) did a very good job put the new viewer under the spotlight. So far I’ve heard is, EVERYONE LOVES IT! The ESRI Ireland folks post a fairly comprehensive blog entry to describe […]

The most creative online shop in Flash, period.

Posted by | March 17, 2010 .

And, it’s the first time you might feel online shopping is fun (even you are a single-language-speaker American). HEMA is a Dutch department store.  The first store opened on November 4, 1926, in Amsterdam.  Now there are 150 stores all over the Netherlands. Take a look at HEMA‘s product page.  You can’t order anything, and […]

iPad Alternative That has Flash

Posted by | February 23, 2010 .

Looks Apple won’t give in for not supporting Adobe Flash on its devices anytime soon. Considering all those designers who love Adobe creative products for Mac kept Mac afloat during its down time, Apple looks not that cool anymore. Anyway, there are always alternatives. Speaking of iPad, here comes Joojoo tablet. Just look at the […]

Review 10 Predictions for 2009

Posted by | January 5, 2010 .

It becomes a tradition that I’ll write a 10-predictions piece for every new year. This is only because I’ve been doing so well with those predictions that I just can’t help trying it again and again. Before getting into 2010 (pronounced twenty ten and that’s settled), let me review how good the 2009 predictions made […]

3.5 Years Old Dutch Kid Plays with the Flex Viewer

Posted by | December 15, 2009 .

Here is another Flex Viewer sighting. This 3.5 years old Dutch kid seems had some fun playing with the Flex Viewer. If you pay attention, he really knows how to click and pan. If you are interested in it too. go here and here to read more.

Is Google Gears Going away?

Posted by | December 1, 2009 .

I think so. Mark Milian and Harry McCracken have been collecting the murder evidence, which has been mounting for months: • Gears is not supported in Mac versions of Chrome• Standalone Gears is not supported in Snow Leopard, months after release• Google’s been evasive about Gears support in Chrome OS, even though offline web apps […]

A Hosting for a Quick Start

Posted by | October 10, 2009 .

I was asked to find a web hosting company that can help a stay-home friend quickly and cheaply setting up a web site. Since I don’t have much of time to help her constructing the web pages, I need a hosting that can go a bit further for just raw site. I found Pickaweb, which […]

What Adobe is up to – MAX Thought

Posted by | October 9, 2009 .

Back from MAX. Realized Adobe is a new company now. It was a desktop software company with a niche market in the graphic design and creativity tools area. Through organic growth and acquisitions (mainly Macromedia in 05) Adobe is evolving into a developer focused IT platform company and gaining acceptance and great respect among development […]

MAX: How Flash Gets on iPhone

Posted by | October 5, 2009 .

It’s kind of interesting how Adobe sneaked out the iPhone announcement. First, a iPhone quick demo was shown in the general session that gave a clue on the iPhone + Flash thing but not whole lot of details. Then, luckily if you went to a right session like I did, the original session titled with […]

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