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Spinning Down the Web Squared

Posted by | August 14, 2009 .

Tim O’Reilly and John Battelle released a white paper called Web Squared: Web 2.0 Five Years On as a warm up before the Web 2.0 Summit which is to take place in October. The paper is a must read for all web savvy, and all those who care about the directions in which the world […]

Spezify: Another Attempt At Visual Search

Posted by | August 12, 2009 .

Despite what detractors say, visual search is necessary and can fill the gap in searching for something about which the user is vague to begin with. Thus, it is being attempted by many startups: SearchMe, oSkope, KartOO, Viewzi and now Spezify. There is place for more players until one or two winners stand out. Spezify […]

Ideal Mechanism to Communicate and Collaborate

Posted by | July 28, 2009 .

Joerg Beckert of Adobe Wave raised an interesting question in a comment: What is the ideal mechanism to communicate and collaborate? This is the million dollar question that a lot of people are trying to answer. Keeping technology aside and considering what the user wants, Joerg himself has a list and the keywords are: filter, […]

Rounding Up AIAS & Adobe Wave Week

Posted by | July 27, 2009 .

Flash Player for mobile will support multi-touch and accelerometer features, and Daniel Dura will be doing a session at MAX09 covering that stuff. Adobe also open sourced Flash Platform Media and Text Framework. For more news that came during Adobe Industry Analyst Summit, check out #AIAS and #adobe09 hashtags on Twitter. Ted Patrick dives into […]

The Eagle Has Landed

Posted by | July 24, 2009 .

The 40th anniversary celebrations of the Apollo 11 Moon landing go on. Domani Studios built a beautiful Flex-based website called We Choose the Moon that takes us through the odyssey in 11 stages using the material provided by the JFK Presidential Library & Museum. At each stage are photos, videos, 3D flyovers around the shuttle, […]

Didn’t Get Adobe Wave

Posted by | July 23, 2009 .

Joerg Beckert let us know that a public beta version of Adobe Wave is now available on Adobe Labs. I tried it and didn’t get the point. The FAQ on the home page says: Adobe Wave is an Adobe AIR application that lets you get notifications from the websites you care about. It displays a […]

Google Chrome & Android Operating Systems

Posted by | July 8, 2009 .

This is not an old Google Chrome browser is actually an operating system in itself interpretation nor another Google is planning an OS to swallow Windows rumor. At 04:05:06 07/08/09 (somewhere in the world) Google announced its plans about an operating system called Google Chrome OS. There are, of course, not enough details in its […]

Now Microsoft Attempts Alchemy

Posted by | July 7, 2009 .

Some of you may remember that Adobe started a project called Alchemy towards the end of last year. The toolkit can be used to cross-compile C/C++ code to ActionScript. Doom was ported to Flash by Mike Welsh and it remains the single most glorious use case of Alchemy. (Mike’s Doom version recently won the FHM’s […]

What’s With the Firefox 3.5 Hype?

Posted by | July 2, 2009 .

I am testing Firefox 3.5. The hype surrounding this version, the expectations that Firefox automatically gets in users’ minds, and my poor perception are possibly the major reasons why I am not yet impressed. Decline: Slower startup time Saw this before: Tab Tearing in Google Chrome, Private Browsing in Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 8, […]

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