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Rounding Up Last Week

Posted by | August 4, 2008 .

British Telecom acquired Ribbit for about $105M. Ryan Stewart already interviewed Chuck Freedman, Ribbit’s director of development platform, about the way it might affect developers. Ribbit, the self-proclaimed “Silicon Valley’s first phone company”, is an open platform that enables voice telephony in Web 2.0 applications. The Flex SEO Contest Ryan launched early last month got […]

Flex Programming Tips of the Week 0807d

Posted by | July 27, 2008 .

Keeping Rotated Content Clipped – When you are getting more towards the visual and media side of Flex you will have to deal with something like this. So, be prepared. Define Dynamic XML Literals by javier Julio – XML is first class citizen of Flex/Actionscript. However, from time to time you just want to do […]

Flex in E-commerce

Posted by | July 21, 2008 .

Towards the end of last year, Charles wondered how RIA technologies can enhance usability in E-commerce sites. His main ideas were rotatable and magnifiable images, and an easily browsable gallery. I have come across very few websites that use RIAs not just for the main pages but also the stores. Coyote Store is one such […]

Flex Programming Tips of the Week 0807c

Posted by | July 19, 2008 .

It’s a busy week. Flex/Flash/Maya 3D UI Button Controls – Live Example – As I said before, Flex is a great tool for bridging developers and creative designers. Here is an example by Joya Moore. He didn’t give out too much details but the result is just amazing. Create a SkinnableComponent in Flex 4 – […]

Flex Programming Tips of the Week 0807b

Posted by | July 14, 2008 .

DataGrid with flexible row height – DataGrid is the most used component for displaying structured data. For more complex data structure inside a grid, it takes some customization to make the display look good. This example by Harry Vikatos will tell you how that could be done. Flex 3 Component Explorer – Let’s call it […]

DataGrid with flexible row height

Posted by | July 10, 2008 .

In one project I needed to have a data grid cell present some hierarchical data and I thought I could just use a tree control as the item data renderer for that grid column. This what I got: As you can see if you open the trees, the data row […]

Time-delaying Cairngorm Commands Execution

Posted by | July 8, 2008 .

In cases where data are edited in a Flex client and subsequently have to be saved on a server, one has to manage the frequency of those server calls. One way of doing this, is adding an extra step, for the user to save the changes made. So image you have an editable data grid, […]

Enhanced search string ComboBox

Posted by | July 3, 2008 .

The standard behaviour of the Flex framework combobox, is to adjust its selected option as the user types in characters. However values are looked up only by the first character, i.e. user types in ‘a’ and the first option starting with ‘a’ is selected. He then types ‘b’ and the first option starting with ‘b’ is selected. Now […]

The illusive itemRenderer

Posted by | July 2, 2008 .

The item renderer is a powerful concept in Flex, that enables custom implementations of data presentation and input within controls like Lists, DataGrids and Charts. In our last post, we saw how a custom item renderer can be used within a bubble chart to enable interactivity. We showcased that using a chart with one data […]

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