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Flex Viewer 2.1 is released

Posted by | September 23, 2010 .

After couple of months of hard work, the Flex viewer 2.1 is final out. The beta is over. There are many news features but one thing hasn’t changed, it’s free. You can get it from flex viewer site and learn what’s new. Go read the blog to learn this release.

Flex Viewer Sighting in Dubai

Posted by | March 18, 2010 .

Flex Viewer travels around the world. I was at GISWORX in Dubai running a series of workshops. Surprised (shouldn’t) to find there were two Viewers running in such a small exhibition setting that demonstrated the latest GIS development from two reginal goverment organizations, one was from Dubai and another one was from Abu Dhabi. The […]

The most comprehensive explaination of Flex 4 Skin

Posted by | February 2, 2010 .

One of the biggest change you will encounter when develop or migrate to Flex 4 is the spark skin creation. It’s a big leap to separate UI design from programming. There are many resources available to start tutoring the skin development. I found the best one so far among them is this slides created by […]

Calhoun County on Flex Viewer

Posted by | February 1, 2010 .

Here is another Flex Viewer sighting. The Calhoun County of Alabama has setup this Flex Viewer to allow citizen search parcel information and properties sales information. They also created a Google Street View widget that allows click at a street on the map to view Google Street View in a popup. Noticeably there are other […]

Does Flex Need Support for Comerical Component Libraries?

Posted by | January 29, 2010 .

Tom Van den Eynde wrote a post about Flex and commercial component libraries. From Tom’s view Adobe lacks a component library update. They have Spark around the corner but that’s a two-year in making. “As far as I’m concerned Adobe doesn’t have to come up with these components itself. Third party components with a decent […]

Flex on iPhone

Posted by | January 28, 2010 .

While Adobe is struggling to get Flash 10.1 on iPhone and other trying hard with different route, OpenPlug sees this opportunity and seems done it right and more. This one is a Flex Builder plug-in (well, Eclipse plug-in) that once installed (Windows only so far), you can develop mobile applications just like developing Flex applications. […]

Flex Viewer Going Green for Nature Conservation

Posted by | January 26, 2010 .

Here is another of the Flex Viewer sighting, Core Conservation Data Viewer. This is from the Nature Conservancy a conservation organization working around the world to protect ecologically important lands and waters for nature and people. Spatial data and related information plays a vital role in conservation at The Nature Conservancy.  A wealth of data […]

Creative Customization of the Flex Viewer

Posted by | January 25, 2010 .

While I’m head-down crafting the Flex Viewer 2.0, there are some creative Flex developers have been busy too making impressive customizations to the Flex Viewer 1.x. Let me start introducing these geo flexers to the community. Dave Bouwman is one of them. Couple of months ago Bouwman re-mixed the Flex Viewer and wrote about it. […]

Optimize Flex SWF

Posted by | January 22, 2010 .

As an Adobe Flex developer you should pay great attention to performance. Sati at AskMeFlash wrote nice post about optimizing Flex SWF to reduce its size and improve loading performance. In the post, Sati summarized in the following areas: Implement RLS in your project. Create SWC file of your common code Module  Loading external content […]

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