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Rounding Up Last Two Weeks

Posted by | September 14, 2009 .

FlexPMD is a neat open source software to detect bad code in your source code, and it is extensible so you can define your own rules for detecting the bad code. (via) Rob Christensen brings the news about the relaunch of Adobe TV. I agree about the “vastly improved navigation & search” and the new […]

Rounding Up AIAS & Adobe Wave Week

Posted by | July 27, 2009 .

Flash Player for mobile will support multi-touch and accelerometer features, and Daniel Dura will be doing a session at MAX09 covering that stuff. Adobe also open sourced Flash Platform Media and Text Framework. For more news that came during Adobe Industry Analyst Summit, check out #AIAS and #adobe09 hashtags on Twitter. Ted Patrick dives into […]

Rounding Up Last Week of Great Posts

Posted by | July 20, 2009 .

Jens made great points about how Adobe’s PR maxes out during MAX conferences and creates a vacuum for itself outside of it. I vaguely remember Cocomo, now AFCS, but Adobe Wave? A meme of Google Wave strikes my mind before each time I think of even Happy Dent Wave. Yes, everybody can take a leaf […]

JavaFX For Music Lovers and Musicians

Posted by | July 17, 2009 .

For Music Lovers: Sten Anderson’s Music Explorer FX is a JavaFX app that enables music lovers to discover new music of their taste. Start with searching for an artist/band of your liking. The search results will be shown as thumbnails, one of which you choose. Details of the artist/band like overall popularity and current hotness […]

RIAs at the Enterprise Level

Posted by | June 18, 2009 .

The penetration of RIAs into the consumer world is beyond doubt. We have numbers supporting that time and again. To that extent, RIAs are here to stay. However, I sometimes wonder the scenario when it comes to enterprise apps. Let us exclude AJAX for the sake of discussion because most GUIs these days are being […]

Rounding Up An Eventful Week

Posted by | June 16, 2009 .

Adobe Flex & Adobe AIR Adobe AIR has now been installed over 200 million times. Adrian Ludwig of the Adobe AIR team recaps the various territories it has been adopted into: social apps (mostly Twitter apps, I think), enterprise apps (Salesforce, Oracle), government apps (the Polish Finance Ministry), and what I call novelty apps (like […]

Rounding Up Another Flex 4 and Flash Catalyst Week

Posted by | June 8, 2009 .

The Adobe Flex team is conducting three free online seminars this week covering the new features of Flash Builder 4 and Flash Catalyst. A session each for PHP developers, Flash Catalyst, and ColdFusion developers will be conducted this Tue, Wed and Thu respectively. Lee Brimelow uploaded a two-part tutorial on Flex Builder 4 and Flash […]

Rounding Up Facebook Desktop App Week

Posted by | May 4, 2009 .

Flash pre-installed Nokia devices are being shipped. (via) The Adobe AIR team is obviously excited about Facebook’s AIR app. James, though, prefers TweetDeck. Facebook continued to be blogged about, by the Silverlight team about the WPF and Silverlight Apps previewed with the Facebook Openstreams API. Tesla Motors is using Merapi and Adobe AIR. WaiLam completed […]

Rounding Up An Activity-filled Week

Posted by | April 27, 2009 .

If you feel guilty of surfing the Internet for things not directly related to your work while in office brush it away and plan to strike a balance. Adobe XD has links which support that you are doing the right thing. Intuity and Xtify together are conducting a contest for a location-based RIA. Huge prizes […]

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