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The Genius of Oracle

Posted by | April 21, 2009 .

Read press release here. I remain awe-struck by Oracle’s bold decision to buy Sun for two reasons. One, the software industry didn’t know what hit it. Two, it appears to be a great way for Oracle to bloat across the spectrum, placing itself in a very enviable position. Below the database, Oracle ventured into storage […]

Synchronous Objects for One Flat Thing, reproduced

Posted by | April 14, 2009 .

Synchronous Objects is a rich website hosted by the Ohio State University. The site is a research tool for visualizing and exploring the complexities of choreography. It is the latest project of internationally renowned dancer and choreographer William Forsythe. The project was built with the support of Norah Zuniga Shaw, the director of OSU’s Dance […]

Hundred Million Milestones

Posted by | March 3, 2009 .

The one news that eluded me was about JavaFX. 100 million. No kidding! Even JavaFX, which many of us consider as the Herbie of the sprint touched that big number in less than four months: JavaFX 1.0 had been released on December 4, 2008. “JavaFX’s download rate makes it the fastest growing RIA platform on […]

Rounding Up Last Week

Posted by | February 2, 2009 .

You have all no doubt heard about the 100 million Adobe AIR installs and 55% penetration of Flash Player 10. Good for Adobe, congratulations!, but I am finding these regularly pumped out numbers increasingly boring. Sorry. Ted made a post about Adobe MAX between 2008 and 2009 after returning from MAX Japan 2009. And David […]

Rounding Up Last Week From AIR to Silverlight to JavaFX

Posted by | January 19, 2009 .

TweetDeck secured a funding of about $500K! That is wonderful news in this slow economy. Iain Dodsworth develops this Adobe AIR app single-handedly and it has been giving good competition to Twhirl. Though I started tweeting using Twhirl, I moved to TweetDeck sometime back and am mostly happy with it, but for the occasional Unfollow/Follow […]

Among the Best Posts of 2008 on Flex RIA

Posted by | January 7, 2009 .

As you all know, I have recently tried to look how Flex RIA was a year ago through the Wayback machine. While it was not possible for me to read each and every post made over the year, here are some I found interesting among the popular ones in each month. Jan, 2008: It was […]

Rounding up New Year Week

Posted by | January 5, 2009 .

Back from vacation everybody? My work has piled up so much that I am dreaming about a magic charm during the winks I am able to manage. Not all took a vacation apparently. Some hardworking people leaked Windows 7 Demo and phished Twitter while we were away. Good for Microsoft and Twitter, don’t you think? […]

Rounding up Christmas Week

Posted by | December 29, 2008 .

I hope you are all enjoying your holidays. I am, immensely.   Julien of KapInspect wrote to me that they have recently released new components and enhanced versions of previous ones (like a new BindingWatcher plugin): RingChart (visualisation), Debugging consoles for Cairngorm and PureMVC. Be sure to check them out and his very useful introductory posts […]

Sun JavaFX 1.0 Released

Posted by | December 11, 2008 .

Next time I miss something this important, kick my shins. An even better thing would be sending a small tip reminding us of what we missed. A comment on any of our posts would be received with thanks, even about JavaFX on which isn’t out primary focus. Sun JavaFX 1.0 was released a week ago. […]

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