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Rounding Up The Cannes Week

Posted by | May 25, 2009 .

I realized only last week that “sex” is the second most commonly searched term on our blog. Sad. If only the remaining top ones had been similarly inappropriate! Anybody think we should sprinkle a little keywords in our posts every now and then? There are more people wishing for AIR apps that do nothing. Reader […]

Rounding Up Facebook Desktop App Week

Posted by | May 4, 2009 .

Flash pre-installed Nokia devices are being shipped. (via) The Adobe AIR team is obviously excited about Facebook’s AIR app. James, though, prefers TweetDeck. Facebook continued to be blogged about, by the Silverlight team about the WPF and Silverlight Apps previewed with the Facebook Openstreams API. Tesla Motors is using Merapi and Adobe AIR. WaiLam completed […]

Rounding Up April Fool’s Week

Posted by | April 6, 2009 .

While Charles gave me the shivers about selling the site, Rich Tretola looked all serious about a Microsoft’s announcement that Silverlight would be on iPhone. That is second to only Opera’s face gestures this April Fool’s day. Ted, on the other hand, got philosophical about positives and negatives. Aral continued to dig deeper in his […]

Finally, Full Flash for Mobile, Not Lite

Posted by | February 26, 2009 .

Adobe announced during the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on February 16, that a fully-featured Flash 10 player would soon be available for a number of smartphones in 2010, as reported by CNet. The smartphones will be deployed with the “real” Flash 10 include Windows Mobile, Android (oh ya) and Symbian. But, no iPhone. […]

A Slew of Good Adobe Press Releases

Posted by | February 19, 2009 .

In the last couple of days, Adobe released several press releases announcing some wonderful news, most of which came out during the GSMA Mobile World Congress where the new Adobe Flash Lite 3.1 Distributed Player was released for mobile devices. The results of Adobe’s third annual Scene7 Survey, show that over 90 percent of companies […]

Adobe Flash on Apple iPhone At Last?

Posted by | February 4, 2009 .

Someone once wrote that Apple has said ‘no’ more times than a virtuous teen. Be it banning iPhone apps for non-reasons or disallowing Flash to get its foot in, Apple didn’t seem to think twice. Half a year ago, Apple began collaborating with Adobe on a different project and it seems to be going ahead […]

Among the Best Posts of 2008 on Flex RIA

Posted by | January 7, 2009 .

As you all know, I have recently tried to look how Flex RIA was a year ago through the Wayback machine. While it was not possible for me to read each and every post made over the year, here are some I found interesting among the popular ones in each month. Jan, 2008: It was […]

Rounding up Christmas Week

Posted by | December 29, 2008 .

I hope you are all enjoying your holidays. I am, immensely.   Julien of KapInspect wrote to me that they have recently released new components and enhanced versions of previous ones (like a new BindingWatcher plugin): RingChart (visualisation), Debugging consoles for Cairngorm and PureMVC. Be sure to check them out and his very useful introductory posts […]

Some Good MAX 2008 Milan Links

Posted by | December 24, 2008 .

The Adobe MAX 2008 Milan is supposed to have been a superior event to Adobe MAX 2008 San Francisco. I uncovered very many news snippets about this event and to spare you with the frequent information overload narrowed down to one post with some links that I found interesting. I know that even MAX 2008 […]

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