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Rounding Up A Week of Acquisitions

Posted by | September 21, 2009 .

Google’s justification for acquiring reCAPTCHA makes a lot more sense than Adobe’s for acquiring Omniture. However, Adobe’s announcement of the release of Adobe Flash Access throws a new light on the acquisition and it now appears that perhaps Omniture does fit in. Sarah Perez reported an example of what could go wrong with cloud services. […]

Rounding Up Last Week

Posted by | August 31, 2009 .

Bhuvan, India’s Google Earth Killer, for the time being sucks. For now they have the excuses of the terrorist scare and the implications on national security of open access to hi-res geospatial data. While Silverlight scored another win in the sports industry which I won’t report, the Adobe AIR is excited about’s OnBase, the […]

Rounding Up the MAX Widget Week

Posted by | August 24, 2009 .

The entire blogosphere is abuzz with the Adobe MAX widget that Serge Jespers made. I am not able to embed it in this post. Be sure to update your Flex apps to use the 3.4 SDK. It contains a fix to a critical security bug that could cause cross-site scripting when using the older SDKs. […]

Rounding Up Google Chrome OS Week

Posted by | July 13, 2009 .

The Adobe Flex team is collecting feedback on Flex 4 and Flash Builder beta. Take this short survey. Fake Steve Jobs has a very interesting take on the Google Chrome OS. Ryan has a diametrically opposite view, especially about the impact of netbooks on the OS market. This article writer, however, thinks that operating systems […]

Now Microsoft Attempts Alchemy

Posted by | July 7, 2009 .

Some of you may remember that Adobe started a project called Alchemy towards the end of last year. The toolkit can be used to cross-compile C/C++ code to ActionScript. Doom was ported to Flash by Mike Welsh and it remains the single most glorious use case of Alchemy. (Mike’s Doom version recently won the FHM’s […]

Rounding Up a Quiet 4OJ Week

Posted by | July 6, 2009 .

David Tucker announced the availability of the Adobe AIR 1.5 Cookbook for Kindle. For those new to AIR, this is a wonderful resource recommended by the Adobe AIR development team itself. Rich Tretola is giving away one Flex Builder 3 Professional for free in a Twitter contest. For a chance to win tweet, “#freeflexbuilder3 from […]

Rounding Up a Mournful Week

Posted by | June 29, 2009 .

Towards the end of last week, Farah Fawcett was followed by Michael Jackson was followed by Billy Mays. Gawker has some interesting statistics about how the news about MJ’s death melted the entire Internet, and Lee Brimelow tweeted that he was thinking about approaching Billy Mays for a joke infomercial for Adobe. The first Android […]

Photobucket Visual Search With Silverlight

Posted by | June 23, 2009 .

A week ago Microsoft made a press release about Photobucket’s Visual Search, a new way to search, which is powered by Silverlight and Live. Though my first attempt to Visual Search abruptly ended with my Opera browser crashing, Visual Search itself provided easily one of my best image search experiences so far. First of all, […]

Rounding Up An Eventful Week

Posted by | June 16, 2009 .

Adobe Flex & Adobe AIR Adobe AIR has now been installed over 200 million times. Adrian Ludwig of the Adobe AIR team recaps the various territories it has been adopted into: social apps (mostly Twitter apps, I think), enterprise apps (Salesforce, Oracle), government apps (the Polish Finance Ministry), and what I call novelty apps (like […]

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