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Silverlight vs Google Wave, It’s about Karma

Posted by | June 1, 2009 .

It seems Silverlight and Googe Wave are like apple and orange. How could they be compared. ZOHO CEO Sridhar Vembu did just that with emails and blogging. Vermbu has been taking on and now obviously Microsoft. Does he have good points this time? I think so and the comparison is reasonable after reading along. […]

Rounding Up Flex Builder’s Busy Week

Posted by | May 18, 2009 .

Flex Builder was very much in news last week and will continue to be this week. One, the free licenses of Flex Builder for out-of-work developers has been put on hold. Two, Flex Builder is being renamed rebranded as Flash Builder starting with the next release. Peter Elst, Ryan Stewart and Lee Brimelow cheer this […]

Rounding Up Silverlight’s Emmy-Winning Week

Posted by | May 11, 2009 .

Moonlight 2.0 Preview has been released. Moonlight is the open source implementation of Silverlight for Linux built by Novell with support from the Microsoft Silverlight team. Adobe AIR Linux has a new problem: the much-talked about Debian’s switching to EGLIBC. The AIR Linux team is worried about subtle API or binary incompatibilities that may arise […]

Silverlight’s Smooth Streaming

Posted by | May 5, 2009 .

Silverlight announced two major features called Smooth Streaming and Deep Zoom with Silverlight 3 during the MIX09 conference. These features were demoed during the 2009 NAB Show that took place a couple of weeks ago. Smooth Streaming is a HTTP-based adaptive media streaming technology that gives the user a glitch-free experience through seamless transition across […]

Rounding Up Facebook Desktop App Week

Posted by | May 4, 2009 .

Flash pre-installed Nokia devices are being shipped. (via) The Adobe AIR team is obviously excited about Facebook’s AIR app. James, though, prefers TweetDeck. Facebook continued to be blogged about, by the Silverlight team about the WPF and Silverlight Apps previewed with the Facebook Openstreams API. Tesla Motors is using Merapi and Adobe AIR. WaiLam completed […]

Rounding Up An Activity-filled Week

Posted by | April 27, 2009 .

If you feel guilty of surfing the Internet for things not directly related to your work while in office brush it away and plan to strike a balance. Adobe XD has links which support that you are doing the right thing. Intuity and Xtify together are conducting a contest for a location-based RIA. Huge prizes […]

Silverlight Good at Sports

Posted by | April 16, 2009 .

In Nov 2008, Adobe Flash gave a major upset to Microsoft Silverlight by striking a two-year deal with only a year after MLB’s deal with Microsoft Silverlight, in what ZDNet then called a “pretty big coup”. Today, when MLB users are facing problems due to some NexDef problems, the Silverlight guys and many others […]

Rounding Up Last Week of Peter Elst’s Interview With Scott Barnes

Posted by | April 13, 2009 .

Be very careful on Twitter today. A Brooklyn boy named Mikeyy Mooney has apparently started a malware campaign against Twitter. Talking about Twitter, some of the most widely used AIR apps may be Twitter apps. I had no idea that DestroyTwitter is so popular until participating in this ongoing search initiated by Rich Tretola for the […]

Rounding Up April Fool’s Week

Posted by | April 6, 2009 .

While Charles gave me the shivers about selling the site, Rich Tretola looked all serious about a Microsoft’s announcement that Silverlight would be on iPhone. That is second to only Opera’s face gestures this April Fool’s day. Ted, on the other hand, got philosophical about positives and negatives. Aral continued to dig deeper in his […]

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