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Rounding Up Facebook Desktop App Week

Posted by | May 4, 2009 .

Flash pre-installed Nokia devices are being shipped. (via) The Adobe AIR team is obviously excited about Facebook’s AIR app. James, though, prefers TweetDeck. Facebook continued to be blogged about, by the Silverlight team about the WPF and Silverlight Apps previewed with the Facebook Openstreams API. Tesla Motors is using Merapi and Adobe AIR. WaiLam completed […]

Pearltrees: A Novel Approach to Web

Posted by | April 22, 2009 .

Today, access to content on the Internet is largely dependent on search algorithms or aggregation at social sites. This dependency gave rise to SEO and related ways of promoting content. Ergo, even though everyone on the Internet has the tools required to create all kinds of content, more or less, many feel obliged to choose […]

FlexDen For Flex Freelancing?

Posted by | March 24, 2009 .

Lately, a new Twitter user called @FlexDen has been following a number of users interested in RIAs. Not much activity on the tweeting side so far but it has a novel mission “to provide buyers, sellers and educators a Global Marketplace for Flex Technologies” in its bio. There are already freelancing websites which are marketplaces […]

Video Maps From VidTeq

Posted by | February 25, 2009 .

Almost all Indian cities are expanded haphazardly and the road construction is likewise. For this reason, the addresses are complex and finding directions even more. Add to this the rapidly changing landscapes of a developing country. Thankfully, people are friendly and knowledgeable enough to guide strangers in the right direction. Even then, there are always […]

Parallel Word Processing With Textflow

Posted by | February 10, 2009 .

There is a lot of interest on document collaboration today. Microsoft Document Workspace, Google Docs and Adobe Acrobat allow real-time collaboration. But Textflow is the kid in the block that has been winning accolades from all over the web. Dubbing itself as a “parallel word processor” Textflow is an Adobe AIR app that makes document […]

SUMO Paint: Another Online Alternative to Photoshop

Posted by | December 9, 2008 .

I’ve heard that there are a lot of online alternatives to Photoshop, like Picnik, Adobe Photoshop Express and Splashup. I have tried SUMO Paint now. The “Online Image Editor” is a very elaborate webapp using Flex. I’ve experienced enough slow and neverending wait times and was pleasantly surprised by how fast SUMO Paint loads. And […]

Kids Will Love Shidonni

Posted by | November 21, 2008 .

Shidonni is a very innovative startup based in Israel that uses Microsoft Silverlight 2.0 and unique proprietary patented algorithms. Shidonni makes Silverlight proud and it could be a good marketing technique for Silverlight to promote it if they aren’t already doing it. What Shidonni? Watch the below ninety seconds first. See? Shidonni provides a virtual […]

Rounding Up Last Week: Outside RIA

Posted by | November 17, 2008 .

GigaOm reports that the alleged killer’s rampant shootings at SiPort had not been triggered by layoffs as some news reports claimed, but by individual termination. Online ad growth is braking with a screech. From a growth rate of 12.7% in 4Q07 to 2.8% in 1Q08 to 1.1% in 2Q08 to 0.61% in 3Q08. My naive theory […]

E-Commerce Takes a New Turn With Amazon Windowshop

Posted by | November 4, 2008 .

Until recently, e-commerce was synonymous to innumerable links and tomes of reviews with flickering flash ads and other pop-ups once every minute. Not anymore. As more and more e-commerce sites embrace RIAs, shopping online is increasingly becoming a viable alternative to daring the heavy traffic and pollution. Amazon Windowshop makes this an even smoother experience. […]

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