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Get Color Palette from an Image

Posted by | December 22, 2009 .

Pictaculous goes to the reversed way to find you a perfect color palette. You submit an image file and it comes up with a color palette. You can also download the Adobe Swatch file to be used by the Adobe Photoshop. I think this is really clever and much better way to figure out the […]

An UI Design Beyond be Creative

Posted by | December 21, 2009 .

Even though I didn’t have enough time to figure out what does, I am very impressed by the creative Flash UI design. It’s not a ordinary web site for sure. The main navigation Flash is animated and with very cool blue tune. Once you clicked one “button”, it brings you into the site. the […]

Web 2.0 Graphic Components Generator

Posted by | December 19, 2009 .

I don’t like and don’t trust code generators. But I do like anything can help designing good UI. That’s the R of RIA all about, isn’t it? This interesting UI generator could be handy when needed, Fresh Generator. Essentially there are 4 categories, Box, Corners, Border and Text, which together have about 25 properties to […]

UI Design Goes Straight to Hell

Posted by | December 18, 2009 .

Came across this very funny comic blog How a Web Design Goes Straight to Hell on Oatmeal. It’s based on the author Matthew Inman’s real experience and he actually used the exact words his client once said to him. Just reading through it I can recall I’ve received similar comments in the past from clients […]

Dojo on Air

Posted by | December 17, 2009 .

Dojo 1.4 release is imminent. Make me wondering who should buy Dojo (Microsoft has claimed jquery). If it won’t be Adobe, at least Adobe is fond of Dojo. Here is Dojo AIR toolbox called, Dojo toolbax. It’s created by SitePen and co-sponsored by Adobe. The toolbox itself is built using Dojo Toolkit and Adobe AIR. […]

Color Matters – Color Scheme Designer

Posted by | October 11, 2009 .

I like colors, I hate colors. That’s why I love colors. A RIA without creative skinning job is not a complete RIA. A RIA with ugly color scheme is worse than a plain old HTML page. One tool I frequently come back to test (taste) the color scheme is the Color Scheme Designer. It gives […]

Rounding Up Last Two Weeks

Posted by | September 14, 2009 .

FlexPMD is a neat open source software to detect bad code in your source code, and it is extensible so you can define your own rules for detecting the bad code. (via) Rob Christensen brings the news about the relaunch of Adobe TV. I agree about the “vastly improved navigation & search” and the new […]

Resurrection of AIR App Nomee

Posted by | August 28, 2009 .

Nomee is an AIR app that attempts to be a one-stop-shop for all social networking. Similar to Skimmer, I initially thought. Back in April when it had entered public beta, I was unimpressed. The concept of Nomee cards was quite confusing and the need to explicitly share cards with friends soured the experience. Three months […]

Rounding Up Week Of the 2009 Hype Cycle

Posted by | August 17, 2009 .

The Gartner Hype Cycle 2009 report was released last week. Cloud computing and E-book readers share the global maxima, and social software suites and microblogging are apparently just past their crest. Ryan Stewart highlighted Adobe’s prominence. Ryan Stewart is also awestruck by interface designer Theresa Neil and highly recommends some of her material on RIAs. […]

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