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Apple’s RIA attack

Posted by | May 11, 2010 .

If you have visited Apple’s site you would notice that Steve Job has some nasty thoughts on Flash. As the crusade against Flash picks up steam, Apple’s homemade alternative is getting increasing attention. Gianduia is a client-side JavaScript framework released at last year’s World of WebObjects Developer Conference that’s aimed directly at Flash Player and […]

Google Takes on Flash and Silverlight with Chrome Frame

Posted by | September 23, 2009 .

In my 10 RIA Predictions for 2009 No. 3 I said “Google will release a RIA runtime to beat Flex, Silverlight, Firefox and everybody else for UI spaces.” I am right! Google released the Google Chrome Frame yesterday (9/22/09). It’s a plugin, as I predicted. So far it’s only for IE. “With Google Chrome Frame, […]

Adobe and Omniture?

Posted by | September 16, 2009 .

Yesterday Both Adobe and Omiture announced that Adobe acquired Omiture. For $1.8 billion! Adobe will pay $21.50 a share in cash (cash!) for it, a 24% premium to that day’s price. This is a puzzling deal. While Silverlight Is Still Racing Flash, as WSJ reported the same day, Adobe jumps into a very new territory […]

Another Step Towards Deep Thought

Posted by | August 20, 2009 .

I have been reading about Wolfram|Alpha here and there every now and then but never gave it the attention it deserved until now. For the similarly uninitiated, what is Wolfram Alpha? Ask it yourself. Wolfram|Alpha is a self-aware computational knowledge engine, which is to say that it computes based on the knowledge it already has […]

Rounding Up HTML 5 Discussion Week

Posted by | June 22, 2009 .

Adobe MAX 2009 has opened for registration. Early bird discounts until Aug 31st. Follow @adobemax for all updates. Adobe and Microsoft have been collaborating on a range of security goals for nearly two years! And they have no plans to stop yet. David Tucker follows his previous post with more observations, this time about HTML […]

Rounding Up An Eventful Week

Posted by | June 16, 2009 .

Adobe Flex & Adobe AIR Adobe AIR has now been installed over 200 million times. Adrian Ludwig of the Adobe AIR team recaps the various territories it has been adopted into: social apps (mostly Twitter apps, I think), enterprise apps (Salesforce, Oracle), government apps (the Polish Finance Ministry), and what I call novelty apps (like […]

Why not a Flash App Store

Posted by | June 4, 2009 .

There are lot of app stores germinating lately, all following the foot steps of Apple App Store. There are: Android Market – All the apps feeding the Google Android phone, well, two of them so far G1 and G2 (should have gone to Google I/O!) Windows Market Place for Mobile – A long plain name […]

The Need For AIR Apps That Can Do Nothing

Posted by | May 20, 2009 .

A common defect in most AIR applications that I’ve come across is that they continue to consume CPU cycles even when they are idle. Not just when they are in the background, but even after they are expected to have reached a steady state. The need for well-performing AIR applications can’t be over-emphasized. Websites using […]

Rounding Up Silverlight’s Emmy-Winning Week

Posted by | May 11, 2009 .

Moonlight 2.0 Preview has been released. Moonlight is the open source implementation of Silverlight for Linux built by Novell with support from the Microsoft Silverlight team. Adobe AIR Linux has a new problem: the much-talked about Debian’s switching to EGLIBC. The AIR Linux team is worried about subtle API or binary incompatibilities that may arise […]

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