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$12K FEC Flash map vs $800K NYT Flash map for election finance

Posted by Charles | June 13, 2007 | Comment

A post from All Points Blog pointed out the Federal Election Commission bought a Flash based map for $12,000 to show the public that how much money each of the presidential candidate raised from each zip code. One almost identical map also offered from New York Time, which costs NYT about $800,000. They are all Flash map. The difference is that the NYT Flash Map dynamically fetch data within the Flash from server and displays the data with animated effect. The FEC map, however, oddly refresh the whole page to bring up new data once you clicked a new […] Continue Reading…

Facebook does API right and beats

Posted by Charles | June 12, 2007 | Comment seems a old story now, even though it still the representative of SaaS (software as a service). Also we’ve seen everyone is giving out API these days from Digg to going-further ebay. Considering it feels like there is a Facebook application shows up every minute, I think Fackbook really does API right. “Hosting” is the keyword. While you give out API and wish build the application ecosystem around the API, it’s hard to manage, control and capitalize from the ecosystem. Facebook starts with API plus hosting. All the applications created are under their control and they […] Continue Reading…

Apollo becomes AIR

Posted by Charles | June 11, 2007 | Comment

I’m sure it’s been all over the places now about the Apollo beta, actually Adobe AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime). So let me just summarize what the AIR come with. Adobe AIR SDK has everything. The runtime is 9 MB. AIR needs (or better this way) Flex Builder 3 beta. Under the hood, check it out the Flex 3 SDK beta. Everything should be there. The HTML engine is WebKit opensource. The Flash engine is Tamarin VM, opensource. AIR support PDF rendering with a bit limitation. The great AJAX focused IDE Aptana has AIR plug-in. Cool. You can build […] Continue Reading…

my gadget wish list 6-7-7

Posted by Charles | June 8, 2007 | 1 Comment

Pictures and links tell all.

What are on my Nokia N95 – and no need for iphone

Posted by Charles | June 7, 2007 | 4 Comments

The iphone circle of news heats up when closing to its release day in the US. But really from usage point of view, Nokia N95 can do much better, even though official rollout from US operators also not start. I’ve got a N95 for about a month and start doing more and more with it everyday, in US. I use T-Mobile. Once poped in the SIM, literally the N95 configured itself to be able to access all the T-Mobile’s features including MMS and T-Zone. Well, I entered a wrong number at a point so the SMS function got screwed […] Continue Reading…

Hire this plumber

Posted by Charles | June 7, 2007 | Comment

Or not. (see photo….funny)

Microsoft Surface in Action – first look video

Posted by Charles | June 6, 2007 | Comment

Microsoft really wants to come up with something genuine. The Surface is probably the closed thing they’ve got so far. Considering their reputation and habit of delivering new stuffs, not sure how good it will be. The video is very cool though.

my wish list – 6-5-7

Posted by Charles | June 6, 2007 | Comment


Digg API contest Apollo application – DiggGraphr

Posted by Charles | June 5, 2007 | Comment

Almost half of the Digg API contest top 10 winning candidates are Adobe Apollo applications. Here is another one DiggGraphr. it displays digg story in treemap, based on the digg counts. It’s interesting to see people start visualizing information using the right RIA tool. Same as DLite, not very useful though.


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