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Flex mapping – behond google and yahoo maps

Posted by Moxie Zhang | May 4, 2007 | 1 Comment

Location matters. Google map and Yahoo map make everyone online aware of the usefulness of map. However, the one really runs the world’s serious location based services is ESRI, without all the thunders. They’ve got maps too. ESRI has this ArcWeb Services.
ArcWeb Services offer developers a rich set of Web services application programming interfaces (APIs) for integrating mapping functionality and GIS content into browser, desktop, mobile, and server applications to help solve many different types of business problems such as analyzing demographics for economic development and real-time tracking of vehicles for fleet management.
ArcWeb Services offer the following features:

APIs including […] Continue Reading…

a weird animation gif

Posted by Moxie Zhang | May 2, 2007 | 3 Comments

This Animation Gif is kinda weird. Somehow it makes you keep staring at it. Just for your entertainment.

RIA performance benchmark – Flex vs AJAX

Posted by Moxie Zhang | May 2, 2007 | 2 Comments

Do you want to know among all the RIA technologies or techniques which one has better performance? Well, here is someone did it by James Ward. This is a Flash application. It compares all the sexy RIA items, such as AJAX HTML, AJAX SOAP, AJAX XML, AJAX JSON, Dojo, Flex SOAP AS (ActionScript), Flex SOAP E4X (ActionScript v3), Flex XML E4X, Flex AMF3, Flex Paged.

The result: Flex AMF3 win. Click the image thumbnail and see it, or try by yourself.

Flex goes opensource – as expected

Posted by Charles | April 26, 2007 | Comment

I wrote about the war started between Microsoft and Adobe on RIA platform and tools. At other side of battle ground with Microsoft, the ultimate punch is always, you guess it right, opensource. Now Adobe open up Flex. We are all expecting this actually.   Using the MPL for open sourcing Flex will allow full and free access to source code. Developers will be able to freely download, extend, and contribute to the source code for the Flex compiler, components and application framework. Adobe also will continue to make the Flex SDK and other Flex products available under […] Continue Reading…

AJAX on Rails – Rails IDE getting fancy

Posted by Charles | April 24, 2007 | Comment

If you are Ruby on Rails developers (if not, try be one), you might be using RadRails IDE for your rails application development (if not, try it). Just you know, RadRails is Eclipes based IDE, as many others. Now, RadRails become classic. The AJAX IDE opensource tool Aptana integrated the RadRails. The Rails part is in beta. But it’s worth trying, the AJAX part, fancy Javascript IDE, is great!

four things that matter the most for the next web

Posted by Charles | April 24, 2007 | Comment

If you haven’t felt it, now you know the web is changing. Desktop is hot, offline is hot, media is hot, visualization is hot, virturalization is hot, and so on. But fundamentally, behind all the happenings, four things really set the baseline of the future web: APIs Digg just released its API. And who else doesn’t have API? The Web is a platform and all the APIs make sure of it. However, the mash-up-is-cool is not just cool anymore. Serious business models are emerging and soon solid online/offline systems built on top of serious APIs will be mainstream. APIs mean […] Continue Reading…

finetune goes Apollo

Posted by Charles | April 23, 2007 | Comment

As expected, Adobe Apollo sees quick adapters. Finetune, a music playlist sharing social network startup, goes to desktop with Apollo desktop player. As you know, Adobe themselves did the similar thing lately too with the Adobe Media Player, a Apollo application too. It’s very obvious that Apollo provides the better way for online business goes desktop, which is a trending thing to do lately. Finetune also uses the SpringWidgets to expose playlist to places like bogs or plain web pages. Finetune did it right with going-desktop and going-widget as a social startup. Mark my words, you would see the pair, […] Continue Reading…

cheapest international travel from Google – very funny

Posted by Charles | April 19, 2007 | 1 Comment

It’s very funny so that I have put it here. Do this:   Go to Click the “Get Directions” tab. In the from box, type “Boston”. In the to box, type “London”. Click the “Get Directions” button. In the directions, pay close attention to #5.   And here is what I got:

location matters

Posted by Charles | April 18, 2007 | Comment

Back to the Earth, I’m joining the biggest GIS (geographic information system) company, because location matters, more and more. Thanks to Google map and yahoo map, location based service (LBS) is becoming part of our life. Thanks to GPS technologies and widespread GPS devices, location matters more and more in our daily life. Location information is very visual. Thanks to RIA technologies, visualized location information is saturating into consumer world, and will lately, enterprise. You will get more information here about GIS, LBS, Geo Tech, etc. I’ll find out more exciting location based new business. I’ll continue advocating RIA technologies, especially Flash based product […] Continue Reading…


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