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Microsoft attacks Adobe with Silverlight – war starts

Posted by Charles | April 18, 2007 | 1 Comment

Forget AJAX vs Flex. Now it’s Microsoft vs Adobe via RIA, the Rich Internet Application technologies. I wrote about Visual Rules earlier and said there would be visualized-web war over RIA. Now I give you the War. Microsoft punches Adobe with Silverlight. Here is what Microsoft says about it:
Silverlight is a cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering the next generation of media experiences and rich interactive applications (RIAs) for the Web.
Sounds familiar? Of cause. The funny part is “next generation”. Here is a video of Silverlight.

They will have an authoring tool called Expression Media, a Flash studio clone I guess. […] Continue Reading…

social is old – visualization rules

Posted by Charles | April 17, 2007 | Comment

Any innovation eventually will be commodizationized. It’s happening to social network. Social network is the gem of the whole Web 2.0 thing, but it’s old. You can’t find anybody is not doing it, regardless it’s a 2.0 or 1.0 business. Besides, how many social networks you can check in and be actively in every day anyway. I believe majority of people are using the net as a way to improve their life, not an alternate of their life. The fact is that us human beings are not good at processing data, structured or none-structured information, either in text or numbers. […] Continue Reading…

Adobe Apollo Sample Application Video

Posted by Charles | April 16, 2007 | Comment

Here is the sample application of Adobe Apollo. When we or you are doing Flex or Flash, one frustration is that you can put Flash within HTML but not HTML page within Flash. I think one big factor about Apollo that totally changes the web game is that you can seamlessly put HTML page inside Apollo application. That truly frees Flash from container and Flash becomes a container technologies. This alone will make Apollo (or Flash) the most significant technologies milestone in 2007. Even though nobody has announced it yet, but seriously a new web trend has started. Here is another video […] Continue Reading…

one online organizer you should have – Syrbe

Posted by Charles | April 16, 2007 | Comment

Many lines are getting blur these days, they should. Online gets offline, web gets desktop, one life gets second life, it’s happening. We’ve got organizers everywhere, outlook, yahoo, Google, who doesn’t have one? However there will be another you might need it, or at least give it try, Scrybe. It’s a Flash online and offline organizer, done very nicely. I certainly expect them done something with Apollo, which opens the door to connect the offline and online of our daily life. Watch this video to find out.

A better powerpoint killer wona be – Empressr

Posted by Charles | April 9, 2007 | Comment

I wrote about Thumbstacks, a online presentation builder. Here is another one, better one actually, and a pure Flash one too, Empressr has better UI and better support for multimedia. You can embed Flash, chart or video inside the presentation. The Flash UI has the desktop application type of usability. I doesn’t have too much of social network type of features but functionality-wise it’s good enough for a quick online presentation. I like the feature that you can build you own online asset library with videos, photos, charts, etc. Also you can have templates to pick from to […] Continue Reading…

Flash powerpoint killer wana be – Thumbstacks

Posted by Charles | April 6, 2007 | Comment

Well, it might not be able to kill Powerpoint, but make a dent it should. is a free online presentation builder, in Flash. Or, if you don’t have Flash installed, in AJAX. It has a nice online interface to create applications (see screen shot), the ability to manipulate fonts (including sizes and colors), drag and drop functionality, image inclusion (including flickr images using the Flickr API). You can’t draw on it or have those fancy animation effects. It’s a very basic powerpoint tool that does the basic works, presenting information, freely and online. For people like KISS approach, it’s good […] Continue Reading…

Flash magazine – idomag launched

Posted by Charles | April 6, 2007 | 1 Comment

I blogged about awhile ago. It’s a online magazine, in Flash. It allows you personalized the magazine by check/slide all sorts of areas, mainly in music and art. The UI is very, well, Flashy. If you are die-hard music lover at the artistic side, this could be a enjoyable reading resource. At least, they have done Flash right. However, don’t know about you, I’d like to read magazine while putting my body into the most comfortable position. Or, surely same as you, in a very private small room when doing very private thing. Reading magazine is not that serious […] Continue Reading…

Flash Toons the social way – toondoo

Posted by Charles | April 3, 2007 | 1 Comment

I wrote about to have Flex Composer to do all sorts of opensource creative stuffs. Now here comes one, from jambav is fun place for toddlers and kids to play all kinds of flash game while learning something. Now they created the Toondoo to allow us adults (or not) to create toons ourselves, the Flash way. Very cool! The creation tool is a Flash application that includes a number of options for characters, props, backgrounds and text bubbles. Users can also upload their own images and include them in the comic strip. It of cause goes social too with […] Continue Reading…

ETech – exciting now and a peek of future

Posted by Charles | March 28, 2007 | Comment

The 2nd day of ETech started with keynote from William Janeway, Vice Chairman of Warburg Pincus, Petter Bloom, Managing Director of General Atlantic, and Tim O’Reilly. The main topic is web 2.0 vs Wall Street, again. The following is what they’ve talked. Things we’ve seen with web 2.0 has been seen on Wall Street for many many years. What Wall Street does is to extract signals from noise, for trading. What Wall Street experienced can be applied to web 2.0, such as the scalability and the performance on transaction. Tim brought out the trading of Google stuffs such as […] Continue Reading…


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