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yourminis – I can’t stop loving you

Posted by Charles | February 12, 2007 | 5 Comments

Coming back to flex888 after a long pause, I realize that my badmouth piece about yourminis is still on home page for this long. They did mess up my whole setting on my yourminis home page. However, reconstructing my tabs (pages) was such a smooth and enjoyable experience that I have to say yourminis is indeed still the role model of ALL Flash based new businesses. So far I can’t see any Flash site can this comfortably blend into the HTML/Javascript dominated web. Believe me, there are a lot Flash based startups now (I’ll start again to brag about […] Continue Reading…

yourminis – that’s not how you do UI

Posted by Charles | January 19, 2007 | 1 Comment

I wrote a yourminis review a while ago and gave them a big high-five to the Flash-ing landing page. They surely have been adding lots of goodies (minises) into the side. Right before my writing about new exciting findings about them (I’m using it as the default home page in firefox), they failed me!
I tried upload my OPML file to it via their OPML import utility. What a nightmare! I have about 100 RSS feeds in my OMPL file. Once the import was done, yourminis created one tab for each of the feeds!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Have you […] Continue Reading…

never give up reading – when magazine Flash-ing

Posted by Charles | December 4, 2006 | 1 Comment

I’ve been waiting for the Idio guys go-live for a month or so. Don’t know about you, I still subscribe all kinds of magazines, even having less and less to read them. Reading the web is just fine but can’t have the same “feels” when having a real magazine in front of you. Idio is online Flash based magazine startup. I had high expectation towards this one. Now it’s out. It’s a clean and simple Flash site. It uses weighted “tag blend” selector to collect your interests on variety of topics, mainly on music and art. The idea behind it is […] Continue Reading…

ruby on rail books roundup

Posted by Moxie Zhang | November 21, 2006 | Comment

Update 11-27-06: Beginning Ruby on Rails is released.

Between now and 2007 new year’s day, there are a pile of Ruby on Rails books coming out. Haven’t seen this kinda things for a long time. You don’t need me to interpret it. Here are all Ruby on Rails books I can find, published or not:

Agile Web Development with Rails: A Pragmatic Guide (Pragmatic Programmers)This is almost the bible of Ruby on Rails. It had been the only show in town for long time and I’m sure every RoR developer or wannabe has it. Believe or now, the 2nd edition is […] Continue Reading…

make a wish – right click (example)

Posted by Charles | November 21, 2006 | 6 Comments

Guess just talking is not enough. Dug into our code. One way to do it is here. It’s kinda primitive and have to dip into Flash API. Wish Flex has more elegant way of doing it. (seems I need a better wordpress code plugin, any suggestion?) var oldRootMenu;
var selectedIndex:Number;

function rightClick(){
var my_cm = new ContextMenu(menuHandler);

my_cm.customItems.push(new ContextMenuItem(“Generate Financial Status PowerPoint Slide”, itemHandler));
my_cm.customItems.push(new ContextMenuItem(“Generate Technical Status PowerPoint Slide”, itemHandler));
my_cm.customItems.push(new ContextMenuItem(“Generate Risk Status PowerPoint Slide”, itemHandler));

oldRootMenu =; = my_cm;;
my_cm.builtInItems.print = true;

function menuHandler(obj, menuObj) {
if (_root.curStatus == _root.curStatusType[0].Financial) {
menuObj.customItems[0].enabled = true;
menuObj.customItems[1].enabled = false;
menuObj.customItems[2].enabled = false;
else if (_root.curStatus == _root.curStatusType[0].Technical){
menuObj.customItems[0].enabled […] Continue Reading…

make a wish – right click

Posted by Charles | November 20, 2006 | 10 Comments

I’v reviewed quite a few Flash/Flex based startups (mostly Flash based) recently. There is just one thing I always do when get on to a rich Flash UI site, right-click on items (or Mac equivlent) to see what’s on the context menu. Always barely anything.

Looking into those AJAX rich sites such as Google Doc, you have all these rich right-click functions at finger tips. I don’t think Flash developers wouldn’t want to have similar things. I can’t say there is no way Flash/Flex can’t do it (we did in our apps). However, I do think it’s fundamentally Flash’s lack […] Continue Reading…

Yourminis – that’s how Flash should be done!

Posted by Charles | November 15, 2006 | 1 Comment

If there is a startup can possibly and finally bring Flash to web 2.0 (or new web) mainstream, that’ll be Readers of this blog would know the number 1 of the 100 Flex Business Idea is FlexTop, Flash/Flex based desktop (or home page). I mentioned there was only one Flash based desktop startup, Goowy. Now, Goowy created Yourminis, amazing Flash desktop/homepage site. Right away, I replaced my Google personal home page with Yourminis. Considering AJAX homepage site like Netvibes can skin $15mil from VC recently, I wouldn’t surprise Yourminis will have some good announcement soon. What I like Yourminis the […] Continue Reading…

baby mobility – not quite mobile 2.0

Posted by Moxie Zhang | November 13, 2006 | 1 Comment

It’s been a week since came from Mobile 2.0 conference held in San Fransisco at 10/6 with mixed feeling. The conference was Hosted by Daniel Appelquist (Mobile Monday London) and Mike Rowehl (Mobile Monday Silicon Valley) with support from Gregory Gorman (The Open Group). They are not professional conference organizers and it’s said to be on cost recovery base. I’d say they did a great job.

Mobile is the next have-to-be-there platform. Nobody argues with that. However, what’s mobile 2.0, that reminds a question.

Some interesting observation here:

lots of talks gave the impression that mobile 2.0 is about move the web […] Continue Reading…

Review Me – for a price

Posted by Charles | November 12, 2006 | 1 Comment

It seems everyone on the web is going after the advertisement money. However, it’s amazing how long it took the pay-per-click idea to the pay-per-post. Of cause, once the idea’s out, it’s spreading like wild fire. ReviewMe is the latest pay-per-post startup.

In nutshell, you get paid to blog someone’s product. ReviewMe is different from others is that they require the blogs state that the content is paid. Like this one, the following is a paid review.

The earlier pay-per-post startups blurred the line between original content providers and hired gun. ReviewMe came out to address that issue. My opinion is […] Continue Reading…


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