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It’s time for mobile

Posted by Moxie Zhang | November 4, 2006 | Comment

We are heading to the Mobile 2.0 conference (11/6) in San Francisco. Will report the latest happenings in the mobile world.

It’s time to shift some focus to mobile platform. Is there a place for Flash, or even Flex, in mobile world? How the Flash/Flex technologies find the fits there. I’ll try to find some answers.

Beside, Flash is slowly becoming mainstream technologies for startup companies. I’ll have several new startup reviews next week. Once big question after years of Flex introduced is: Going Flex or stay with Flash for startup. I believe that’s not just a question from startupers, Adobe […] Continue Reading…

Forget mixer – Media mesh-up is coming – TagLoops

Posted by Charles | October 27, 2006 | Comment

After checking out TagLoops, all of sudden I feel the Mixers, YouTube and alike crowd are too old. I can’t sit still and my mind started spinning. If the TagLoops guys are onto something I’m thinking they are, this startup will be big, no, HUGE.

TagLoops is a web Flash movie composer. Just think about Flash studio going on web. BUT, there are a lot more to it.

I’m sure you know the whole Google’s search business is based on web links. We’ve also got earful of “mesh-up” in last couple of years in the context of “web 2.0″. Well, a […] Continue Reading…

Flash the eyes – another Flash mixer startup Eyespot

Posted by Charles | October 26, 2006 | 1 Comment

As I said earlier, the Flash startups are indeed rolling. I was getting excited by the Splice venture, which allows you mix the music with very simple and functional Flash UI. Now, Eyespot gets $3.7 million funding for its Flash mixer of video, music and photos. Eyespot has much more richer set of features. It preloads for you lots of beats for your video mixing trails. The social side of it function, grouping, for example, will make it quite popular for young kids. UI is not that easy to navigate to get things start. But once you get hang of […] Continue Reading…

Flash and Flash – Toufee a startup for what was Flash

Posted by Charles | October 25, 2006 | 6 Comments

It feels like everybody got the same idea the same time to start doing some Flash based startups. It just keeps coming.

Demo Flash Flex888 Banner.

Now it’s the Toufee. Still remember the days spending hours to create Flash banner using Flash Studio? Later there were list of tools to help doing that in minutes. I still have some of them installed, Mix-FX, Anim-Fx and Flash tools from Amara. Toufee does exactly those local tools do but online and free. I did the Flex888 banner above in two minutes with Toufee.

To be honest with you, Toufee UI sucks! It’s very bad. […] Continue Reading…

Tracking Shot – a Flash site Where Flash does best

Posted by Charles | October 25, 2006 | Comment

 If being a cool DJ with Splice is not enough for you. Tracking Shot might help full-filling your creativity spirit. Of cause it’s Flash site. In a nutshell, it allows you mix your photo and music to make a movie (elaborated multimedia slide show, to be exact). Share, or show off, it afterwards. You can upload you photos either from your local computer or from Flickr. The UI is simple and clear. Flash here is used to do what it does the best, handling media.  

Small or big – Flash startup SmallTown

Posted by Charles | October 24, 2006 | 1 Comment

 After $3mil and one year, here comes the Flash based social network local focused startup, SmallTown. Readers of Flex888 should realize by now that Flash is increasingly a UI platform of choice for steam of startups. SmallTown’s strength is its Flash UI, so is weakness. SmallTown allows small business such as babysitters or electricians to create a “web card”. An elaborated one could cost $40/month. People can review the card or engage in discussions.     The SmallTown UI works well enough. Even though for $3mi I would expect more. As far a social network site goes, it’s […] Continue Reading…

Why Microsoft spam our blog

Posted by Charles | October 24, 2006 | 4 Comments

I guess I can’t reduce spam to zero after all. I’ve got spamed by Microsoft or their advocates, marketers, whoever. For Zune. Here is the prove. This is the only spam I’ve got since installed Peter’s Custom Anti-Spam Image Plugin for WordPress. Seems I still need Akismet for fat-finger spamers. But why they are doing this?

war + map + Flash =

Posted by Charles | October 23, 2006 | Comment

I think we are getting ready to forget Flash is just for adnimated advertisement block on web. The only best way to deliver media contents is Flash. No doubt. Maps of War is another example. Not sure the agenda of this site. But they do provide some interesting and educational information through animated map. I think if use Flex, it could be easily more interactive.     Don’t forget without Flash no way YouTube can skin $1.6B off Google in less than one year. Too bad Adobe can’t packet any (or barely) of it.

Two plugins reduce WordPress blog spam to zero

Posted by Charles | October 23, 2006 | 5 Comments

Blog spam eats big chunk of bandwidth. Turn off comment? No, that’ll make blogger very lonely. Ask for user registration for comment? No, who the $#% think you are! Well, if you are lucky enough using wordpress. These two plugins will reduce the spam to zero. In my case, 700 spams per month to zero.   Akismet – “Remember the days before spam?” As usually, install wordpress plugin is really just upload the files, period. This one needs extra step though. you need get WordPress Key to inactivate this plugin. But it’s well worth it. Once all set, this […] Continue Reading…


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