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Famster – A Flash based social network startup

Posted by Charles | August 24, 2006 | 1 Comment

Finally, we have a Flash based social network startup, Famster.

The company was originated from a consulting/service business building web application. Then they developed this startup to allow users build family friendly community. As they claimed, “We have built a secure, fun-filled, family-oriented environment – one that we feel safe to send our own children to.”

You can use it to build a community for other purpose as well.

The whole site is Flash based. I can’t figure out if it’s developed using Flex or not. (any one?) It does have sign of Flex though. That’s lots of works if it is […] Continue Reading…

The State of Flex Rich Internet Application – Part III

Posted by Charles | August 23, 2006 | Comment

After Part I and Part II, let me explore the areas that change the way we develop software and see if Flex is ready.
Mesh-up vs Ground-up
Zillow, a real estate related startup company, recently received $10 millions investment from VCs. This is a typical mesh-up service, that the whole business is built on top of public information and maps. If you pay attention to the startup world and the eco system grows around them, you will find out that mesh-up is a very noticeable theme. As I mentioned in the Widget vs Application section in Part II, the public APIs […] Continue Reading…

The State of Flex Rich Internet Application – Part II

Posted by Charles | August 21, 2006 | Comment

To continue finding the fit for Flex in the RIA space, we should look beyond bolts and nuts on rich UI or nice guts. The pair by pair approach goes on.
Widget vs Application
There is a widget war going on. Flex is a nature strong contender but a bit behind.

The fundamental shifting or swing between widget and application is coming from the tug-a-war between traditional enterprise application generated or purchased by IT organization (Oracle, SAP, etc) and SaaS (Software as a service) service subscribed from service providers, such as Saleforce or 37signals services. SOA (service oriented architecture) vs application stack […] Continue Reading…

The State of Flex Rich Internet Application – Part I

Posted by Charles | August 21, 2006 | Comments Off on The State of Flex Rich Internet Application – Part I

Since the introduction of the term “Rich Internet Application ” in March 2002 by Macromedia(now Adobe), we’ve seen constant changes and shifting in technologies, tools and implementations. It was obvious that Macromedia tied RIA to the Flash technology as the original intention. We all give credits to Macromedia for pushing Java Applet out of our browsers. But is the RIA space the same as what Macromedia envisioned four years ago? Does the term RIA or Rich Internet Application is still relevant, under the shadow of Web 2.0 or Enterprise 2.0 clouds? Where is our beloved Flex fit in? […] Continue Reading…

RIA News Update 3-22

Posted by Moxie Zhang | March 23, 2006 | Comment

March 23, 2006 – Innoopract Introduces First Eclipse-Based AJAX Platform (SYS-CON Media)
Today Innoopract, a founding member ofthe Eclipse Foundation and a leading provider of products and services forEclipse introduced the Eclipse proposed project ‘Rich Ajax Platform'(RAP).RAP aims to provide an Eclipse-based development environment with thecapabilities to create so-called ‘Rich Internet Applications.’ RAP enablesprogrammers to develop desktop applications and web applications
March 22, 2006 – Adobe eyes Apollo technology for desktop apps – InfoWorld
Adobe eyes Apollo technology for desktop appsInfoWorld, CA – Mar 21, 2006″It basically is a way to build rich Internet applications that run outside the browser,” said Mark […] Continue Reading…

Flex 2.0 Web Service Proxy

Posted by aleks76 | February 19, 2006 | Comment

New Flex 2.0 Platform allows direct utilization of the Web Services from .swf file on the client. This in its turn requires a Web Service Client Proxy architecture and tools similar to WSDL2Java and WTP for Eclipse. Is anybody working on this already? What is your experience with Web Services Framework in Flex 2.0?

weekly rich internet application (RIA) news roundup

Posted by Moxie Zhang | January 16, 2006 | Comment

January 16, 2006 – Canoo announces Rich Internet Applications (RIA) for Mobile … – IndicThreads.comCanoo has announced that it successfully adapted UltraLightClient (ULC) to run on J2ME clients, providing Rich Internet Applications (RIA) to mobile devices …
January 15, 2006 – Web ServiceseWeek – The company hopes the move spurs the use of AJAX in building rich Internet applications. confirms that it sustained a “minor interruption” of its customer relationship management service, but provides no details on whether it is …
January 13, 2006 – SYS-CON.TV Broadcasts New AJAX and RIA Power Panels From Its Times … – […] Continue Reading…

RIA in Business Trends 2006: A VC’s Perspective

Posted by Moxie Zhang | January 11, 2006 | Comment

The prediction and trend setting keep coming in. After all, it’s still in January. What VC (ventral capital) crowd sees the future does have something to ponder about. Here is a piece  from Outlook Ventures about 2006 trends from VC perspective. The trending and the greener areas are Consumers as Content Producers and Distributors, Social Networks, Next Generation Search and Convergence. All those areas are really backed by broadband connection and all have something to do with internet. Convergence is certainly a big buzz word on top of all. Of cause it mentions Rich Internet Application too.
If we take […] Continue Reading…

Is 2006 a framework year?

Posted by Moxie Zhang | January 10, 2006 | Comment

Add another AJAX framework, ClearNova ThinkCAP JX,  to my RIA Tools Roundup piece. ClearNova just opensourced their AJAX framework to add another dose of AJAX to the Rich Internet Application crowd. It has JAVA as backend to handle all the server side activities. The core of ThinkCAP JX has two other opensource pieces, Prototype and They happen to be used by Ruby On Rail as well. Opensource is definitely well connected these days.
In the mean while, another Java framework is getting more noises, Apache’s Tapestry. There is a good article on IBM’s DevelperWorks strongly advocate it. While all […] Continue Reading…


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