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The Dog was Out (with leash on)

Posted by Moxie Zhang | January 9, 2006 | 6 Comments

Trying to be a responsible blogger. After the comments from David Mendels of Adobe and Erki Esken on my dog piece, I did some digging and reading about non-commercial Flex license materials. Here are what I got:

The dog was out! Here is the actual license agreement and license application form. Interesting thing was that I couldn’t get this information from the Macromedia’s sales person.
This is an application deployment license. Not a Flex license. You will only pay $8.99 for it. You get one Flex Builder license too. Quite cheap, right? but keep reading.
This is for one SWF file […] Continue Reading…

A good RIA (Flash) prediction piece

Posted by Moxie Zhang | January 6, 2006 | Comment

The article Lynda Weinman on What’s Next for Flash in 2006 has some good realistic predictions about what’s next for the Flash Platform. Many of those wise men predictions are geared to gain entertainment value (might including mine too). But this piece makes great sense.

I really like the last one:

“…Flash could overtake QuickTime and Windows Media player as the premier video format for Web, desktop application, and device delivery. Given that Flash video can include a level of robust interactivity that QuickTime and Windows media cannot support, along with its unique runtime alpha compositing features, it is natural […] Continue Reading…

boardband and Rich Internet Application

Posted by Moxie Zhang | January 6, 2006 | Comment

For whoever is interested in applying RIA technologies to marketplace, here is a good reading about the Broadband and RIA . It named a lot of names, from online retailers (live or dead) to technologies (of cause AJAX mentioned, uha.., Flash too but no Flex). According to the article, online retail is the place where RIA will thrive. Um…

Let The Dog Out

Posted by Moxie Zhang | January 6, 2006 | 3 Comments

Q: Why we are not seeing all these nice useful Flex applications popping up online, in stead, AJAX everywhere?
A: Because you need a VERY expensive Flex server to legally deploy a Flex application, even your demo application is just a SWF file and has nothing to do with server action, even you compile your Flex 1.5 application out of licensed Flex server, even your Flex SWF is just for showing up Flex RIA and is not for commercial purpose at all, even…
Q: We know Flex 2.0 will solve that problem (in a way). But can Flex afford several (or […] Continue Reading…

code-named Atlas

Posted by Moxie Zhang | January 5, 2006 | 1 Comment

Watch out, Flexers! Microsoft is rolling out an AJAX framework extension, code-named Atlas. It’s been floating around for half year. Rumor says it might be retooled and push out as big deal.

Java RIA vendor Nexaweb gains ground

Posted by Moxie Zhang | January 5, 2006 | Comment

A news “Nexaweb Brings Rich Internet Application Functionality to TeamQuest(R) Performance Software” shows that Java based RIA gains some ground.

Or, it’s just anyone has a UI piece will claim they own RIA technology/solution. Wish see more of this kinda Flex news releases this year.

Sys-con even has AJAX Developer’s Journal now.

10 RIA predictions in 2006

Posted by Moxie Zhang | January 3, 2006 | 2 Comments

Happy new year, Flexers!! (AJAX dudes too)
Allow me join in the wise men crowd and semi-wisely make 10 flexing predictions for the brand new year 2006:

The release of Flex 2.0, especially the new Flex Builder along with its independent pricing plan, triggers new high of RIA buzz.
Microsoft releases a full set of repackaged RIA product, ahead of Vista release, to suppress the new wave of RIA fire.
Sun adapts the term RIA in Java technologies and rolls out new UI specifications, trying to regain some UI ground.
Adobe (no more the M.) donates some codes to ignite a few more opensource […] Continue Reading…

Wish A Early 07 Christmas

Posted by Moxie Zhang | December 22, 2005 | Comment

Marry Christmas to Flexers, RIA dudes, AJAX friends and anyone trying to make people love using computers!!
Wish we could have earlier Christmas next year, at time Flex 2.0 is out

RIA Products Roundup

Posted by Moxie Zhang | December 21, 2005 | 6 Comments

I think it’s wise to keep eyes wide open on the RIA marketplace in the whole, while advocating our beloved Flex for now. Here I’m trying to round up some, if not all, of the IRA productions, tools, technologies, etc. Again, I’m trying. And later, give some reviews to those items on the list.
Want to share your experiences of using these products? Why not let me know so that I’ll setup to let you contribute to Flex888.
I’m trying to categorize them in a make-sense way, but open to any suggestion. Also, please drop me a line if you […] Continue Reading…


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