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RIA Architecture Frameworks

Posted by aleks76 | December 19, 2005 | 14 Comments

RIA Architecture Frameworks.

There are 2 major frameworks available for RIA development:Cairngorm and Ariaware. I didn’t find much difference after studying both of them. They advocate Application Controller – Command – Business Delegate – Service Locator pattern. Cairngorm goes a little further to introduce View Helpers that suppose to update the view while Ariaware leaves up to the developer to decide how the model should propagate changes to the view. In Flex 1.5 we relied on native Flex property binding to a static model class to make sure that all changes are captured. It is very easy and doesn’t […] Continue Reading…

The Apprentice and Flex

Posted by Moxie Zhang | December 16, 2005 | Comment

I can’t help to let this out after watching The Apprentice show. Man! the Randal guy is such as disappointment at end!!

I had full respect and all the envy on this guy during the whole season. He was such a dignity up-standing guy with very visible integrity and decency. But, man, at last moment, he exposed himself as such a calculated unforgiven cold-heart man. He has won already and he wanted to be the only one. He didn’t want Rebecca sharing any of the victory at the end, when she had a little bit of chance. I think it […] Continue Reading…

RIA, Flex, browser and beyond

Posted by Moxie Zhang | December 16, 2005 | 2 Comments

How far Flex can go without getting into the same fate of Netscape or alike?

I was feeling there are something hidden as potential barrier for Flex. I love Flex app and really enjoy it whenever open up a Flex app (especially mine:-), but in the mean time, always sense something unease and remotely uncomfortable. (Do you have this kind of feeling?). Now the more I play with AJAX and AJAX application, that feeling is getting much clearer. It’s the browser!

I feel the Flex doesn’t belong to ( shouldn’t confined to) web browser environment. Flex application is really self contained […] Continue Reading…

So You Want to Learn Flex (2)

Posted by Moxie Zhang | December 15, 2005 | 4 Comments

To learn Flex, I know we are not starting at the same line. Well, it’s not a racing so we are just fine.
Every piece of technology, new or old, there are usually a group of elites surrounding it. They are the advocates and evangelists of this technologies, and they could be barriers as well. because they are so good that the poor programmer Joe wouldn’t think he is not good enough to doing that elite thing. Or they are so good at a few things and very influential, so it’s hard to preach them a new better piece. At […] Continue Reading…

Flex 2.0, Action Script 3.0, Zorn / Flex Builder 2.0

Posted by aleks76 | December 14, 2005 | 7 Comments

Macromedia is planning to release Flex 2.0 package in the first half of 2006. These releases suppose to streamline the development of the Flash based RIAs. So far the Alpha version of the products were released with the exception for the Flex Enterprise Services (Remote Object and Web Services, etc).

Zorn and Flex Builder are practically identical. Zorn plugs into Eclipse where Flex project can be developed within Java Project. Flex Builder although looks exactly like Eclipse is a stand alone application. I had some difficulties with creating new Flex Project in Eclipse using Zorn plug in while the same […] Continue Reading…

So You Want to Learn Flex (I)

Posted by Moxie Zhang | December 14, 2005 | 18 Comments

Finally I come back again. Too busy in getting several Flex projects out of doors. But believe me, I didn’t keep my head down. I am watching the RIA expanding rapidly. I’m reading the conventional media when they are catching up and playing the buzz word ‘RIA’. I am laughing at the war between AJAX and Flex camp. I see developers walking around and wondering, “what’s up with the whole Flex thing!” I’m imagining a bunch of developers typing in the keywords, RIA or Flex into google and trying to get on the RIA ride. I’m surprised that Google […] Continue Reading…

Tree Control manipulation – II

Posted by Moxie Zhang | June 14, 2005 | Comment

Now let continure and see how to deal with the Tree Control.

Add a data item to a node
Notice that if you want make change on node, you need use the treeDataProvider property.

rptree.treeDataProvider.getTreeNodeAt(0).getTreeNodeAt(1).addTreeNoteAt(1,”A new Data Item”);

Change/Replace a data item
Here is something not consistant with the way to access control property.

rptree.getTreeNodeAt(0).setProperty(“label”,”A new Lable”);

You have to call setProperty method to change the label. But most common way is to directly assign data to a property.

Will do some advanced next time such as drag-drop action on tree, cell rendering, etc.

RIA is big so need be cared more

Posted by Moxie Zhang | May 16, 2005 | Comment

There is a good blog reading regarding the next big thing in IT. By following IT evolving history, the author declared the next big thing in IT is Rich Internet Application technology. Flex is named the lead in the RIA field.

Big lead equals to a big target. The blog makes me thinking about how we should take care of the lead and guard the young Flex to its mature-hood. It also makes me think it’s not just tips and tricks we Flex developers/advocates should be enjoying, talking and sharing.

Soon there will be a battle to fight!

Flex RIA Application Architecture Thoughts

Posted by Moxie Zhang | April 29, 2005 | 2 Comments

I just killed a Flex application design, from a sharp young web developer. It’s the first time I realize that there is a generation of developers whose first application developments were web (HTML) base application. They are very page oriented. The design I killed are basically a stack of Flex pages filliping back and forth (more forth than back though).

Come to think of some RIA architecture issues (observations) we Flexers should be aware of…

Tradition Comes Back

Who still remember Client-Server based application development? Hey, it used to be hot buzz word. I think RIA developers, especially designers and architects, […] Continue Reading…


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