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Avoid LocalConnection Frustration

Posted by Moxie Zhang | April 27, 2005 | Comment

I was told that it’s frustrating to work with LocalConnection class to make it works, from Flex beginners. After helping around, I found they shared the same mistakes!

Here it is:
.: When they develop a Flex, they try it out (with run) inside Flex Builder to see the real layout.
.: once tried, they run it from a browser to test the connection and callbacks. It didn’t work.

The reason was: The sender Flash was communicating with the one running inside Flex Builder, not the one in browser!


This happens a lot when you embedded two flex apps inside a jsp page and […] Continue Reading…

Flex File Upload Project – Starter

Posted by Moxie Zhang | April 27, 2005 | 5 Comments

Update (8/14/07): I have a latest post on the Flex File Upload examples. Check it out.

So far, the only thing stops me fully embracing Flex is its lack of file upload capability. The example provided by Macromedia is not that exciting. So, let me try to come up something can be used in a real project.

Utilizing the same concept, by using Flash’s LocalConnection class, I made a starter Flex application. To make it easier to try out, I simulate the actual uploading part, the part web server receives files and do something. File handling are server side are low-tech […] Continue Reading…

SAP Deal – Big Leap Ahead

Posted by Moxie Zhang | April 27, 2005 | Comment

Macromedia, or Adobe, is leaping a big step towords enterprise system, by signing a deal with SAP. And, it’s about Flex. Check out this news. Adobe is buying into this vertical market. It starts paying off.

Adobe Marcomedia vs Left Right Legs

Posted by Moxie Zhang | April 19, 2005 | Comment

When I develop a rich internet application, regardless with Flex or not, I use tools from two companies Adobe and Macromedia.

So, what’s more need to say? Once the new entity has two legs, they can run, run fast now. Just one thing, there will be a great deal of stares from Mr. Microsoft. Hey, I don’t mind Mr. MS buys them all, (or may be not).

Tree Control manipulation – II

Posted by Moxie Zhang | April 14, 2005 | 1 Comment

Now let continure and see how to deal with the Tree Control.

Add a data item to a node
Notice that if you want make change on node, you need use the treeDataProvider property.

rptree.treeDataProvider.getTreeNodeAt(0).getTreeNodeAt(1).addTreeNoteAt(1,”A new Data Item”);

Change/Replace a data item
Here is something not consistant with the way to access control property.

rptree.getTreeNodeAt(0).setProperty(“label”,”A new Lable”);

You have to call setProperty method to change the label. But most common way is to directly assign data to a property.

Will do some advanced next time such as drag-drop action on tree, cell rendering, etc.

Tree Control Manipulation – I

Posted by Moxie Zhang | April 12, 2005 | 2 Comments

Flex Tree Control is a very useful GUI component to represent structural data and navigate through related data elements. manipulation

Let’s start with some basic tree actions. In this example, the initial tree is built from static data. A working example is here. Just unzip and drop the tree file in your Flex app area.

Define Default Tree

In real application, you might build major structure this way but your tree element might well be from dynamic data. Let’s just make it easy here first. A design note, you need think about how to separate data(model) and UI construction in real […] Continue Reading…

Please allow file upload

Posted by Moxie Zhang | April 4, 2005 | 3 Comments

We all know where is Flex coming from. Most people are still thinking that Flex is living under big shadow of Flash. We all know Macromedia guard the security aspect of flash in great deal. It really keeps good distance from those un-secure web tools, e.g. IE. But it’s not flash anymore. Once Flex rides on flash into enterprise world, where the big money is, the benefit of Flex is gaining mostly behind firewall. A tight sand-box model now becomes hurdle of quick entering intranet application development area.

One big item on this open-up list is File Upload.

Let us do Flex

Posted by Moxie Zhang | April 1, 2005 | Comment

Macromedia Flex is a exciting production that finally enables the true rich internet client application development and deployment.

Here at Flex888, I like to allow Flex adavocates share their learning experiences, knowledge, tips and every other stuffs.

Here is not supported by Macromedia so that we certainly can say something that you won’t hear from Macromedia bloggers.


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