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Rounding Up Last Week From Animation to User Interfaces

Posted by Sravan | April 20, 2009 | Comment

WaiLam started a cool series on character animation using the Flash CS4 bone tool.
Lee Brimelow reminds us about Census. I came across this James Ward’s benchmarking tool only a few months ago. It has been around for a couple of years now, and the updates, if at all, are being published so silently that I have no clue about its evolution and its latest status. I wish James wrote an update about it.
Jens got me all expectant about the Amanita Design’s new game Machinarium even though I didn’t know about Samorost.
Peter Elst did some detective work after coming across […] Continue Reading…

Funny Goof up Using Adobe AIR

Posted by Sravan | April 17, 2009 | 2 Comments

Today I came across a post called AIR Deleted My Desktop posted by John C. Bland II on his blog. John added a new feature to his AIR app to save a file to a network share and was testing it against his desktop directory.

AIR cleaned the directory permanently. The copyTo function when copying a file A in directory D1 to a directory D2 which already has another file with the name A, first deletes D2/A and then copies D1/A to D2. When the from and to paths are the same, instead of returning an error message (or success) […] Continue Reading…

Silverlight Good at Sports

Posted by Sravan | April 16, 2009 | 1 Comment

In Nov 2008, Adobe Flash gave a major upset to Microsoft Silverlight by striking a two-year deal with only a year after MLB’s deal with Microsoft Silverlight, in what ZDNet then called a “pretty big coup”. Today, when MLB users are facing problems due to some NexDef problems, the Silverlight guys and many others have taken the opportunity to drub Flash. There are also people who look from the other side of the story and say that it was only MLB’s fault and that the whole issue has been overblown.

I think Silverlight is doing a smart thing here. […] Continue Reading…

Synchronous Objects for One Flat Thing, reproduced

Posted by Sravan | April 14, 2009 | Comment

Synchronous Objects is a rich website hosted by the Ohio State University. The site is a research tool for visualizing and exploring the complexities of choreography. It is the latest project of internationally renowned dancer and choreographer William Forsythe.

The project was built with the support of Norah Zuniga Shaw, the director of OSU’s Dance and Technology program, and Maria Palazzi, the director of OSU’s Advanced Computing Center, not to forget the several students of each of these.

The site uses Flash for most of the pages and objects and Java applets for the tools. There are a few tools like […] Continue Reading…

Rounding Up Last Week of Peter Elst’s Interview With Scott Barnes

Posted by Sravan | April 13, 2009 | Comment

Be very careful on Twitter today. A Brooklyn boy named Mikeyy Mooney has apparently started a malware campaign against Twitter.

Talking about Twitter, some of the most widely used AIR apps may be Twitter apps. I had no idea that DestroyTwitter is so popular until participating in this ongoing search initiated by Rich Tretola for the favorite AIR application.

Smashing Magazine has the most extensive resource list for Adobe AIR developers. (via InsideRIA)

Ariel remembered the birth of the Request for Comment culture on its birthday.

This Scott Barnes’ interview by Peter Elst is a must-read. Who knew that the current Microsoft Rich Platforms […] Continue Reading…

Getting Inspired by Reading INSPIRE

Posted by Sravan | April 10, 2009 | Comment

I think I’m a trustful, willing, but tough user. I have nothing to do with designing except that I am a user of great many well- and not-so-well- designed “stuff” in my daily life. That is the reason why a peep into the thoughts of those on the other side of the fence, who try to decide what their users will like, is fascinating.

I first came across INSPIRE, a publication of the Adobe Experience Design team, when its 3rd issue Multitouch received good buzz on Twitter. I didn’t pay much attention to it then, but going through all the […] Continue Reading…

RSLs: The Diet Pills for Flex-based Apps

Posted by Sravan | April 8, 2009 | 2 Comments

Less than a week after using the first release of Tour de Flex I made some charges against beloved Adobe AIR primarily regarding the installer size and the memory footprint. Last week, I made another charge this time regarding the hyperactivity of a couple of DLLs.

Thankfully, the latter post got a visit from the Adobe AIR PM Rob Christensen who subsequently made very useful clarifications. The following part especially caught my attention:
In general, AIR files tend to consist of files that are already compressed like (.swf, .jpg, .mp3, etc.). As such, you are not likely to see an .air […] Continue Reading…

Rounding Up April Fool’s Week

Posted by Sravan | April 6, 2009 | Comment

While Charles gave me the shivers about selling the site, Rich Tretola looked all serious about a Microsoft’s announcement that Silverlight would be on iPhone. That is second to only Opera’s face gestures this April Fool’s day. Ted, on the other hand, got philosophical about positives and negatives.

Aral continued to dig deeper in his crusade against Sys-Con Ulitzer.

Lee Brimelow informed us with an example how Adobe cares. A complimentary copy of Flex Builder for developers who are out of work. I approve.

Carlos covered the results of the Ribbit Killer App Challenge in great detail. Congratulations to all winners, and […] Continue Reading…

Adobe AIR.dll & WINMM.dll

Posted by Sravan | April 3, 2009 | 4 Comments

Every Adobe AIR app running on Windows appears to use Adobe AIR.dll and WINMM.dll. At least the several I’ve installed on my PC do. I am trying to find out the exact reason behind their existence though I confess having little knowledge of OS internals.

WINMM.dll runs as a separate thread with a start address like “WINMM.dll!timeGet System Time”. The DLL is an internal Windows module for the Windows Multimedia API containing low-level audio and joystick functions, and the timeGetSystemTime is a function in it that retrieves the system time – the time elapsed since Windows was started – in […] Continue Reading…


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