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A Skimmer With Great Potential

Posted by Sravan | April 2, 2009 | 4 Comments

Until hearing about Fallon’s Skimmer, I was only aware of the The New York Times article skimmer prototype. The newspaper skimmer is a very simple and light-weight RIA that allows readers to skim through the entire newspaper (sans ads!) using the keyboard in a couple of minutes and is highly beneficial for daily readers of the newspaper. All newspapers should offer something like this.

Ryan recently introduced Fallon’s Skimmer as the most well-designed AIR application yet. What else will be there to add after his verdict?

Skimmer is an Adobe AIR app which serves as a single out-of-browser platform for currently […] Continue Reading…

We Throw in the Towel, Site for Sale!

Posted by Charles | April 1, 2009 | 4 Comments

Enough is enough. We can’t take the minute by minute change of the tech world anymore. The RIA sucks too with too many players jams in and weed everywhere. Those good old pure Flex days are gone.Come on, Microsoft, just buy Adobe, hostile take over or some sort. You’ve dumped 5k smart a@#es. Now it’s time to load up.And Sun, do you think IBM will care that little JavaFX toy you’ve created? Just dumped it while you are unloading another 2k people.And Adobe, if you don’t go on diet someone else will do. Suggestion, hire less wise men, avoid […] Continue Reading…

Android Goes Beyond Mobile?

Posted by Charles | April 1, 2009 | Comment

We know Google Android was not designed just for mobile. We know there is a good reason the gOS hasn’t been released yet (because it’s here already). Now, Hewlett-Packard is considering replacing Microsoft’s Windows operating system with software developed by Google in some mini-PCs called netbooks, said people briefed on the matter.H-P, the world’s largest PC maker, has programmers testing Google’s Android system — originally designed for cellphones — for a potential netbook. H-P hasn’t decided whether to bring an Android netbook to market.Acoording to WSJ’s report,Google doesn’t profit from Android, which is available free of charge. But Google stands […] Continue Reading…

Facebook on Flash

Posted by Moxie Zhang | March 31, 2009 | Comment

Facebook and Adobe are today announcing a partnership and the release of fresh Flash client libraries to make it easier for developers to plug into the Facebook Platform inside their social applications built with Flash. This is a great new for both Facebook and Adobe.Facebook and alike are becoming the next(or current) web computing platform. The old fashion of mashing up with bunch of APIs is too web 2.0 (meaning outdated.) To Adobe, climbing on this platform, in a way, is more important than getting on mobile.

Is Ulitzer the Ugly Side of Sys-Con?

Posted by Sravan | March 31, 2009 | Comment

The previous week wasn’t devoid of good news for the RIA community. Obama’s Online Town Hall is in Flash, the Silverlight Team which began tweeting is happy that MySpace has announced support for Silverlight, the Flash penetration numbers on Adobe Groups are impressive, the Flex BugQuash event was a grand success, and you can win free tickets to the FlashForum Conference by answering two simple questions. But there is an extremely unpleasant thing that the entire RIA community should be aware of.
Ulitzer is a Sys-Con company that was launched on Mar 27th, apparently has over 6,000 authors writing for […] Continue Reading…

3D Flash Games on Flash Game Awards

Posted by Sravan | March 27, 2009 | 1 Comment

Bloody Rage 2 is fabulous. I am not a fan of Mortal Komat-like games, but I enjoyed playing it very much. I don’t think it is the first 3D Flash game, but I’m not sure if it really is the first 3D Flash fighting game. Whatever, the graphics are good and light-weight for my overloaded laptop to play without glitches.

There are a lot of other 3D Flash Games listed on the Flash Game Awards site.

The Super D is set on a vast setting with a greater scope for 3D but the loading time was too long.

3D Car Driver didn’t […] Continue Reading…

Catch Security Vulnerabilities Using SwfScan

Posted by Sravan | March 26, 2009 | 2 Comments

A week ago HP released a tool called SwfScan to help Flash developers identify security vulnerabilities in their code. SwfScan takes the path to a .SWF as input, decompiles it to source code, and analyzes the source code to identify security vulnerabilities.
SwfScan can decompile both AS2 and AS3 and using static analysis identify over 60 vulnerabilities including exposure of confidential data, cross-site scripting and cross-domain privilege escalation, and also validate the app’s adherence to Adobe’s best security practices.

The HP Web Security Research Group tested over 4000 Flash apps and found some interesting results. e.g. 77% of SWF applications targeting […] Continue Reading…

FlexDen For Flex Freelancing?

Posted by Sravan | March 24, 2009 | 1 Comment

Lately, a new Twitter user called @FlexDen has been following a number of users interested in RIAs. Not much activity on the tweeting side so far but it has a novel mission “to provide buyers, sellers and educators a Global Marketplace for Flex Technologies” in its bio.
There are already freelancing websites which are marketplaces for similar services, but this is the first such that is entirely devoted to the Adobe Flex technology. FlexDen is looking to buy original, completed and working Flex apps and seems to require basic help files along with the app. It is also hiring Flex […] Continue Reading…

Rounding Up IE8 Release Week

Posted by Sravan | March 23, 2009 | Comment

Has anyone even tried downloading the final release of Internet Explorer 8? If yes, for how long and what do you think? I tried using IE8 RC1 when it was released. The latest is a very superior version with many new features, but I somehow can’t remember to use IE nor can I force myself to make it my default browser.

The Silverlight team now has an official blog with a nice look and feel. I hope this isn’t what Scott Barnes called “naked”. He also argues that Silverlight is better than JavaScript/CSS/HTML, so to speak.

Jim Weaver, the JavaFXpert, is […] Continue Reading…


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