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PS3 Goes Full Screen Flash

Posted by Charles | November 26, 2008 | Comment

Sony gives gamers a Thanksgiving treat, a firmware 2.53 with full screen Flash support. That’s a great news for Flash game developers. The new feature make Flash game not the 2nd rate citizen on PS3 anymore. As a well connected game devices, PS3’s embracing Flash will either drive Silverlight on XBox or spread the flashing rich to there too. Games on and happy Thanksgiving to our US readers.

Have You Visited the Adobe AIR Team Blog?

Posted by Sravan | November 25, 2008 | 2 Comments

The Adobe AIR team started blogging towards the end of the last month on their team blog. Most posts are by Rob Christensen, Adobe AIR’s PM, but others write as well. It is nice to see it being updated regularly, and it sometimes has news that you get nowhere else.

For instance, Rob reveals that he will be presenting a session on monetizing Adobe AIR apps during MAX in Milan. Cool. Then, that SitePen has Dojo extensions for Adobe AIR. The Adobe AIR 1.5 announcement, made around the time when it had been released during the MAX 2008 San Francisco, […] Continue Reading…

Rounding up Last Week

Posted by Sravan | November 24, 2008 | Comment

In what ZDNet called a “pretty big coup”, Adobe has reportedly won a two-year Flash deal with, only a year after what everybody counted as one big victory for Microsoft Silverlight.

Have any of you been to the Flash Magazine lately? I always found it a bit slow, but ever since new design changes have been made, the magazine has become incredibly slower. That is one place that I counted on for Adobe MAX 2008 news, which reminds me, do any of you have Adobe MAX 2008 news beyond the obvious? At least, share your experiences please.

I already covered it, […] Continue Reading…

Kids Will Love Shidonni

Posted by Sravan | November 21, 2008 | 3 Comments

Shidonni is a very innovative startup based in Israel that uses Microsoft Silverlight 2.0 and unique proprietary patented algorithms. Shidonni makes Silverlight proud and it could be a good marketing technique for Silverlight to promote it if they aren’t already doing it. What Shidonni? Watch the below ninety seconds first.

See? Shidonni provides a virtual universe where users can create their own pets, create a world for the pets to live in, create food and feed the pets, and play games with them. There is also sharing these with friends. It is planned as a safe entry to “internet literacy” […] Continue Reading…

Adobe AIR 1.5 on Air

Posted by Sravan | November 20, 2008 | Comment

Adobe released AIR 1.5 a couple of days ago during the MAX conference. This is in line with people’s expectations as being one of the interesting revelations. But I almost missed it until Adobe pushed an update notification to my laptop recently.

Dan Orlando must be relieved. :) Almost a month ago, he accidentally let out some insider knowledge while bound by an NDA, and immediately removed it off the post. I captured the secrets, nevertheless, and being the law-abiding person I’m, kept it to myself, deprving you of any advance excitement. Now that the official release is over, I hope […] Continue Reading…

Flash is on Android, for Real

Posted by Charles | November 20, 2008 | 2 Comments

I wrote a post a while ago asked is Flash on Android possible? Well, it’s not only just possible, it’s on Android now. This week’s MAX really brings us some goodies. Watch this video and see for yourself.

This a good news because not just for Android, it’s for iPhone as well. Now Steve Jobs has to think harder again regarding adapting Flash on iPhone. Also the lead Flash gains from this will certainly help fencing off mobile RIA contneders such as Silverlight and JavaFX. I just can’t wait Flex Mobile showing up. It’s about time, Adobe!

Real Analytics for Flash, for Real

Posted by Charles | November 19, 2008 | 4 Comments

Last month I wrote about the lack of analytics tools for Flash based RIA when Yahoo announced its own analytics service. I was wondering if we care about this if we just can’t have one. Tom said, “I care :). I actually wonder whether generating HTML pages for Google that map one-on-one (from a context point of view) with the ‘pages’ in a Flex application would be acceptable to Google. ” Andrew Csizmadia informed us, “Just for note it’s already possible to create deep linking flash websites, just check for SWFAddress, it has build in Google Analytics support, and […] Continue Reading…

Follow a Train on Google Maps With IndiaRailInfo

Posted by Sravan | November 19, 2008 | 8 Comments

IndiaRailInfo is one of the best Geoweb apps I’ve seen thus far. No, it doesn’t show Google Maps in a new dazzling light. It is simply that it has a great utility value and as of now gives the information sought very quickly.

Wikipedia says that Indian Railways is the 5th largest network in world in terms of track length, transports eighteen million passengers and more than two million tonnes of freight daily, and is the world’s largest commercial or utility employer, with more than 12 million employees. Imagine the number of people it serves and the volume of commerce it […] Continue Reading…

Chips are New and RIA is Bright

Posted by Charles | November 18, 2008 | Comment

Both Intel and AMD rolled out new chips. Intel’s new CPU is called Intel Core i7 – code-named Nehalem. Intel has even prepared how to make this chip fit into the current economic condition, as CEO Sean Maloney said, “You recover from a recession with tomorrow’s products, not today’s”, Are those guys smart or not!? The new i7 added a memory controller and also three high-speed communications channels. That’ll makes the chip fetches data from memory at more than double the speed of earlier models. Each of i7’s processors also can simultaneously execute two instructions for high speed […] Continue Reading…


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