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Zend PHP and Adobe Flex

Posted by Sravan | September 18, 2008 | 1 Comment

Now it will be possible to build rich internet applications using Flex on the userend and PHP in the backend. Zend Technologies Inc., the PHP company, in a recent press release announced its collaboration with Adobe Systems Inc. “to accelerate rich web application development using PHP and Open Source Flex Framework.”

While the nearest goal is to integrate Action Message Format (AMF) support into the Zend Framework, a larger goal is to integrate the two respective IDEs Zend Studio and Adobe Flex Builder, both of which have been built on Eclipse.

This is an opportunity for developers from one side to […] Continue Reading…

Google Android Vs Apple iPhone

Posted by Sravan | September 17, 2008 | Comment

It has been announced that Google’s Android phone with T-Mobile, code-named the Google “Dream Phone”, will be unveiled on 23rd September. Eric Zeman of the Information Week confirms the news; today, he received an invitation to attend the press conference.

Will Android become a threat to Apple’s iPhone? I agree that this sounds like a silly question that is asked with Google by default these days. After all, everybody said the same thing when Chrome was released.

The “Chrome Vs IE” and “Android Vs iPhone” wars are, in my opinion, not very dissimilar. One, the latter Goliath’s have a huge userbase. […] Continue Reading…

Dashboards With Advanced Visualization Widgets

Posted by Sravan | September 16, 2008 | 2 Comments

MicroStrategy Inc., a leading worldwide provider of Business Integlligence software, released several advanced visualization widgets for its dashboards early this month.

MicroStrategy dashboards, called Dynamic Enterprise Dashboards, are enterprise-level applications that can be useful for analyzing large volumes of complex data in ways not possible (or too arduous) using standard graphical representations. They claim the platform to be the first and only business intelligence architecture to unify reporting, analsysis, and real-time business monitoring.

The new widgets enable users to get a high-level overview and also dig deeper in their analysis and decision-making. On their website they have interactive demos and videos […] Continue Reading…

Google Chrome has Microsoft Gene

Posted by Charles | September 15, 2008 | 4 Comments

At least part of it, some important parts though. As you know and Google disclosed, there are many open source codes used within Google Chrome. It turns out that includes Windows Template Library (WTL). WTL is a C++ library for Win32 development and is kind of like MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes), but a lot more lightweight. It was originally worked on by Nenad Stefanovic as an internal thing at Microsoft that was then released as an unsupported sample. Nenad is still listed on the old SourceForge project. Some details from hanselman: WTL embraces ATL (Active Template Library) which […] Continue Reading…

Rounding Up Last Week

Posted by Sravan | September 15, 2008 | Comment

Ted has an hour-long video showcasing various new features that are coming in Flash Player 10. Check it out here if you’re patient enough. Let me know if you could find a shorter video with faster streaming. Please.

On the other end, Adobe says that it will no longer develop FlashPaper. I’m not surprised.

Developers can now sign their Adobe AIR apps using GlobalSign. Code Signing Certificates are available starting from $229, much less than Thawte’s $300 per year. I don’t know, but I guess VeriSign is more expensive.

Peter Elst, the renowned Adobe community expert, is celebrating his fifth blogging anniversary. Hearty […] Continue Reading…

One Week Later: Chrome is not ready

Posted by Charles | September 13, 2008 | 6 Comments

I’ve tried Google Chrome for a week. Everyday during the week I tried to exclusively use just Chrome for my browsing part of living but failed. Reaching the week end, I find less and leas reasons, beside curiosity and mental attachment to the name “Google”, to continue using Chrome. Here are what I don’t like: It was very problematic whenever started using plugin, PDF and Flash. Even it may has others but these are the only two plugins I’ve encountered. Once opened more than 5 tabs it starts eating more memory (and CPU cycle) than Firefox. Then my […] Continue Reading…

JavaBuilder Shows the Struggling of Java RIA

Posted by Charles | September 12, 2008 | 2 Comments

Java has been struggling in coming back to the web UI side (or RIA space) as a major player. Sun tried with JavaFX but I don’t see it will go anywhere near where Sun expected to be. From within the vast among of opensource Java projects, there are quite a few good attempts. JavaBuilder for Swing is one of them, which was released as version 0.2 recently. Considering it’s only 0.2, the amount of works and features are very impressive. I’d say it somewhat does a better job than JavaFX. However, by looking into how JavaBuilder works, I’m still […] Continue Reading…

Online Flash Games under One Roof

Posted by Jay | September 11, 2008 | Comment

CasinoTop10 can be every gambler’s guide to online casino gambling. It has everything that a gambler might need: gambling news, casino reviews and ratings, quick guides and strategy articles, and a number of offers.

These free Flash games have been built in-house by CasinoTop10 using the Flash technology, so you will not have to download anything and can simply start playing from within the browser. The games have been strikingly well-developed to merge with the rest of the web page seamlessly, and their server-side resources are quite good. You will never get stuck while playing unless it is because of […] Continue Reading…

We are a Top Flex Site

Posted by Sravan | September 11, 2008 | 9 Comments

Here is a list of top 10 flex-related sites:
1. SitePoint
2. Visual Builder
5. Tedo on Flex
6. InsideRIA
7. Pete Freitag Blog
8. Switch On the Code
9. Flex RIA
10. Quietly Scheming

Shocked, amused and rolling your eyes at how cunningly our website’s name was slipped into the ninth place? Vanity, you think? We’re proud of doing a decent job here on Flex RIA, but ain’t vain yet. This list makes the first half of a post on the Flash Enabled Blog.

Carlos Pinho, its founder, is however quick to clarify: “The way I present the sites doesn’t reflect how important the site is, […] Continue Reading…


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