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The State of Flex Development Ecosystem Reviewed

Posted by Moxie Zhang | January 11, 2010 | 1 Comment

I spent some time last weekend went over my weaponry cache for Flex development and put out a post on that reviewed current state of Flex development ecosystem. Go check it out.

I did missed couple of great Flex tools:

FunFx is Flex testing tools that uses Ruby to write the test script. It’s fun and creative. But, how many Flex developers know Ruby?
Parsley is Flex/AIR/Flash application framework. It has a list of impressive features that worth checking out.

Create Flash without Flash Authoring Tool

Posted by Charles | January 6, 2010 | 2 Comments

Want to try some Flash, or play some lines of ActionScript? You don’t need a Flash authoring desktop tools for that. The WonderFl is web flash authoring environment. It allows you write the ActionScript code and generate the Flash, then share with the rest of the world. This is obviously a Japaneses site but as long as you speak ActionScript, you won’t have problem using it.Once you play it a bit, recommend go to the codes section to check out some creative works done with WonderFl. There are some serious Flash works there!

Review 10 Predictions for 2009

Posted by Charles | January 5, 2010 | Comment

It becomes a tradition that I’ll write a 10-predictions piece for every new year. This is only because I’ve been doing so well with those predictions that I just can’t help trying it again and again. Before getting into 2010 (pronounced twenty ten and that’s settled), let me review how good the 2009 predictions made on January 1, 2009 are. 1. New version of Silverlight will put Flex in defense mode     Yes, Flex is in defense. Silverlight 3 is getting real close to Flex 3. Silverlight 4 is at the runway too. Microsoft can do better […] Continue Reading…

Good example for learning Flex 4 Skining

Posted by Charles | January 4, 2010 | 1 Comment

The Flex 4 learning curve will be from Spark and its new skin programming model. Here is another source to learn a few things from, Christonphoe Coenraets’s post Creating a Custom Component and Skins in Flex 4.Coenraets created webcam app that takes pictures and display them. He skinned the application differently while maintaining the same code base for app logic.I noticed a few things though. One, he used Skin class as the base class for the skin class. Most of the documents and apps use SparkSkin. Does this matter? Or, is there any reason he didn’t use SparkSkin.Also, there […] Continue Reading…

Get Color Palette from an Image

Posted by Charles | December 22, 2009 | Comment

Pictaculous goes to the reversed way to find you a perfect color palette. You submit an image file and it comes up with a color palette. You can also download the Adobe Swatch file to be used by the Adobe Photoshop. I think this is really clever and much better way to figure out the matching color scheme.When you are developing a media rich RIA system, as a creative designer or a Flex developer, you have so many ways to design the UI. However, you may not have too much room to change the color tune of the images […] Continue Reading…

An UI Design Beyond be Creative

Posted by Charles | December 21, 2009 | Comment

Even though I didn’t have enough time to figure out what does, I am very impressed by the creative Flash UI design. It’s not a ordinary web site for sure. The main navigation Flash is animated and with very cool blue tune. Once you clicked one “button”, it brings you into the site.the design really takes good care of details. You would find places where usually UI designers would ignore, such as the left up corner of the page or the footer area that shows the extra info nobody cares. In Phong’s case, you will find that corner […] Continue Reading…

Web 2.0 Graphic Components Generator

Posted by Charles | December 19, 2009 | Comment

I don’t like and don’t trust code generators. But I do like anything can help designing good UI. That’s the R of RIA all about, isn’t it?This interesting UI generator could be handy when needed, Fresh Generator. Essentially there are 4 categories, Box, Corners, Border and Text, which together have about 25 properties to change and view the result. Once it’s done, right click and download the generated image. That’s it.If you’ve read yesterday’s post, Design Goes to Hell, I think instead of throwing the cartoon to the client as I proposed, it’s better to give this tool to […] Continue Reading…

UI Design Goes Straight to Hell

Posted by Charles | December 18, 2009 | 3 Comments

Came across this very funny comic blog How a Web Design Goes Straight to Hell on Oatmeal. It’s based on the author Matthew Inman’s real experience and he actually used the exact words his client once said to him.Just reading through it I can recall I’ve received similar comments in the past from clients on all sorts of design, UI or not. It’s just so real that I am thinking about print and frame this and carry it with me. When the moment comes, I’ll just hand it over to the client, kick the door open, storm out and […] Continue Reading…

Dojo on Air

Posted by Charles | December 17, 2009 | Comment

Dojo 1.4 release is imminent. Make me wondering who should buy Dojo (Microsoft has claimed jquery). If it won’t be Adobe, at least Adobe is fond of Dojo. Here is Dojo AIR toolbox called, Dojo toolbax. It’s created by SitePen and co-sponsored by Adobe. The toolbox itself is built using Dojo Toolkit and Adobe AIR.

The AIR version of the Dojo Toolbox is similar to the online Javascript (dojo of cause) one, which helps you track and use the  ever growing features and functions.

The dojo build tool comes with it is very useful, at least for new Dojoer. It makes […] Continue Reading…


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