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MediaWombat Indexing Flash

Posted by Sravan | August 13, 2008 | Comment

Steve Webb and Troy Yohn are just two guys with day jobs working on the problem of indexing flash content in their own spare time.

MediaWombat is a search engine that parses through SWF files and catalogues information based on it. “We crawl the internet looking for SWF files, then grab them, rip them apart, index them and then allow for the contents of them to be searched,” their wiki says.

They have a nice preview feature where users can choose which of the Flash content they want to view. For each result, users can preview the whole Flash page, embedded audio, images and videos. […] Continue Reading…

Adobe Release, Resource, Request

Posted by Sravan | August 12, 2008 | Comment

While wishing for a universal alternative of, I was oblivious about this welcome development. Adobe Systems and CCTV International Networks have announced their partnership to deliver the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games’ coverage online. Sports fans can now view the events, athletes and country teams of their choice on holds the online video rights to the event for mainland China and Macau.

Here is a nice resource for all Flex developers, especially beginners, to start learning on their own terms. Adobe Developer Connection started hosting a “Flex in a Week” video training course. And by week, they mean […] Continue Reading…

Using as a Flex back end…

Posted by Harry Vikatos | August 12, 2008 | Comment

or depending how you see it, using flex as a application front end.

Either way salesforce is one of the PaaS (platform as a service) providers, that sees in Flex the technology for adding rich user interfaces to its applications. As we’ll have the chance to point out in numerous occasions, RIA’s and SaaS (software as a service) seem to be going hand in hand. Furthermore Air’s offline capabilities add a lot of value to the SaaS proposition for enterprise applications that need to be operational independently of connectivity.

So additionally to Saleforce’s own UI development tool (Visualforce), a Flex […] Continue Reading…

Try the Wild Side of RIA – Graffiti

Posted by Charles | August 11, 2008 | 7 Comments

Sometimes you just feel all those menus, panels, VBox, HBox, Grid and so on are so boring. Once a while you’d like to tip-toe into the wild side and see what it looks (or feels) like. Here is something you can do, graffiti on your UI. Here is the place you can do that, Graffiti Creator. An amazing Flash site that allows you create graffiti with a long list of styling tool, for each character.

There are many options to get you start.

BTW, here is the link of GraffitCreator.

Flex RIA on “Adobe on Youtube”

Posted by Sravan | August 11, 2008 | Comment

I was planning to do a quick roundup like I did last week, but this is a BIG news for our team and demands its unique space.

The Flex RIA blog got noticed by Lyora MacRae of the Adobe Flex team. Lyora is a platform marketing intern at Adobe Systems. She and her cats (Boomer, Phinneus, …) are the ones behind the youtube channel, Adobe Flextv.
Quick thanks to the guys at the Flex RIA blog who do an amazing job at Flex coverage. You can check out their blog and also find it on the sidebar. And thanks for the […] Continue Reading…

5 Best Flash “games” for Enjoying Boring Friday

Posted by Charles | August 8, 2008 | 1 Comment

It’s Friday again and are you ready for the weekend? Before that, you need a way to kill the unproductive time in hands. Here are the helps. Turn on speaker.

The Idiot Test

This one will take a long time and there are lots of questions. Jump in!

Teddy Bear Tower

Watch the teddies fall then watch them jump up again, and again and again. Can’t find any better way to enjoy your brain-dead moment.

Screaming Beans

Watch the tin of beans fill up and then click on it until it explodes.  The beans won’t like it […] Continue Reading…

Tracking Olympics Real Time With Flex

Posted by Sravan | August 8, 2008 | 5 Comments


We have finally reached the momentous day. Sports buffs across the world will be breaking their heads to keep track of all their favorite events and results. I wish that by the next Olympics they can all have access to their versions of

Featured as the App of the Week in Adobe Flextv’s first episode, is a real time tracking app for nearly 140 players from Catalonia, Spain, participating in Olympic and Paralympic Beijing 2008 Summer Games (the latter held between 6th and 17th of September 2008).

I don’t understand Catalan (and neither does Google), so I couldn’t figure out […] Continue Reading…

DON’Ts For Creating Flash Games

Posted by Sravan | August 7, 2008 | Comment

I am sure some of you are already creating your own casual games using PlayCrafter. For your sake, especially if you haven’t created games before, I found this post called “50 ways to make us hate your flash game”.

50 is a large number, but don’t worry. Unless your game has a combination of all or most of these qualities, you don’t need to fear howlers from each and every player.

In fact, most of these reminders are common sense. They revolve around user-friendliness and KISS.

e.g. Take it easy on the players’ ears and allow them to mute. Also take it […] Continue Reading…

10 Free Vector Digital Maps for GeoWeb RIA

Posted by Charles | August 6, 2008 | 6 Comments

From time to time you may want to put a vector map on to your flex application. You may not need a Google Map or other GIS functions. All you need is a good vector map you can decorate it with your own tools. Here are some you can get fro free:


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