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Make Flash Sites More Searchable – 5

Posted by Sravan | June 13, 2008 | 2 Comments

The Ultimate Solution?

Ahmet Gyger has a wonderful SEO model for flash and flex content. Using XML, XSL and SWF for websites.

The XMLs contain HTML and all the data you use in your animations, with links to others XMLs. The XSL contains information about the transformation to be done on the XMLs. The XSLT will insert the SWF via Javascript (with SWFObject). The Javascript object will be an XML and its content will be passed to the SWF via a Flash variable.

The search engines will see HTML and the users see SWF.

The catch is that the XMLs could be filled […] Continue Reading…

Firefox 3 will be released on June 17th

Posted by Charles | June 12, 2008 | 1 Comment

Firefox 3 has been considered an unofficial RIA platform candidate, based on what it can do and can be programmed to do. It’ll be out on June 17th. Here are some of the new features: Updated address bar with integrated bookmarking functionality Standard themes that are consistent with the native UI of your Operating System (Windows, Mac, Linux) Revamped bookmark manager New Icons One-click site information Secure add-on updates Vista Parental Controls Revamped password management Full page zoom Scrolling Tabs One-click bookmarking Tags for bookmarks We’ll wait […] Continue Reading…

Make Flash Sites More Searchable – 4

Posted by Sravan | June 12, 2008 | Comment

Another trick is to retrace the steps in history: HTML before Flash. Build a HTML website first. Wait for it to be ranked high in the search engine, and then add flash to the website.

It is recommended to use static text in Flash. This avoids a possibility that you may be flagged by spam-identification techniques if instances of your dynamic text are duplicated while converting to HTML.

Be prepared for lower revenue through Ad Networks. Websites which use Flash heavily may have Public Service Ads instead of relevant ads. Google says that its crawlers are unable to derive meaning from […] Continue Reading…

J2ME Beats Flash Lite Again with Mobile Database

Posted by Charles | June 12, 2008 | 1 Comment

While we are waiting for Flash Lite 3 and dreaming about real Flash/Flex for mobile, J2ME charges forward. If you’re developing applications for Java-ME (J2ME)-based mobile device, and writing your own data management code, you should check out the Perst Lite open source, object-oriented embedded database from McObject. Perst Lite is not completely new, it’s been featured in Terrence Barr’s Blog and has its own pages within the Java.Net Mobile & Embedded Community. It has also been featured in articles like this one  and this one  on Since coding a database management system from scratch is no […] Continue Reading…

Adobe Flex Marshall Plan

Posted by Sravan | June 11, 2008 | Comment

Applications may crash or result in a run-time exception if the APIs used by the caller and those expected by the callee are incompatible. Java, Flash and Actionscript deal with the issue in their own ways. In Flex, attempts to support cross-versioning began with version 2.0.1 though it didn’t work very well.

Cross-versioning Support should be particularly interesting if you are working on a Flex Portal, or have infinite SWFs in Flex 3.1 that make up your application. For you, the Adobe Flex people are working on the Marshall Plan. The project provides Cross-versioning Support and Untrusted Application Support. The […] Continue Reading…

Creative Flash Mashup from the Largest Stock Imagery Company

Posted by Charles | June 11, 2008 | Comment

Getty Images is the largest stock imagery company. It provides the publishing world with a big rich stock of photos, music, video footages and other creative services. This week they released a Flash based mashup application called Moodstream to expose their photos and videos in a very creative way. It has a good reason to call it mood stream because from the UI you can use the fancy interface to adjust the mood you are in, your happiness level, how calm right now, more humorous than serious? Nostagic? be warm or cool. All these and other settings will […] Continue Reading…

Make Flash Sites More Searchable – 3

Posted by Sravan | June 10, 2008 | Comment


We’ve already talked about the Search Engine SDK provided by Adobe.

The SWF file format in Flash 8 began supporting XMP metadata with a goal to enhance search engine support. A title and a description of the flash file can be added in the Document Properties dialog box. The information will be extracted using the SDK. is an online tool that shows how search engines see your flash files. It extracts the text and links from a given SWF. I am not sure if the website has been updated recently, but it provides another perspective.

If you know of any other […] Continue Reading…

ActionScript Framework + Ruby on Rails = JumpShip

Posted by Charles | June 10, 2008 | 1 Comment

InfoQ just published post about a great ActionScript framework, JumpShip. JumpShip is a Ruby on Rails inspired ActionScript 3 MVC driven RIA framework. Here at Flex RIA we are all big fun of RIA infused Ruby on Rails system. As matter of fact, the best startup we’ve written(Babble) was just like that. And now, JumpShip gives you a framework to develop a Flex + Ruby on Rails application with everything you need, including a Rail Gateway. Just as Jamie Scanlon said: Ruby on Rails was my model of how easy a framework could be and how frameworks should […] Continue Reading…

Wii Net

Posted by Jay | June 10, 2008 | Comment

The Nintendo Wii is almost certainly the most popular games console at the moment due to its revolutionary and unique features such as the Wiimote. There are however plenty of other features which are worth paying attention to. You can even surf the internet on the Wii console, thanks to a network connection.

Unlike a number of other consoles, Wii uses the Opera browser which is fully featured. There are a lot of web sites devoted to tutorials to design web sites which can be viewed on the Wii. It’s possible to do this using ExtJS, Flash components can also […] Continue Reading…


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