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Google App Engine Playground – AppDrop

Posted by Charles | May 30, 2008 | Comment

If you want to try a few Google App Engine application for developing RIA Flex application using DjangoAMF or PyAMF. And you don’t want to mess with Google or use up your three apps quote on GAE, you might want to try AppDrop. AppDrop is a proof-of-concept, to show that Google’s App Engine platform can be ported to other hosts. Unlike Google’s project, we make no claims to be able to scale beyond a small amount of traffic. We reserve the right to shut the whole thing down at any time. We’re running on EC2, so our virtual […] Continue Reading…

Google Earth for Browser Mashup with ArcGIS JavaScript

Posted by Moxie Zhang | May 29, 2008 | 1 Comment

Google has been on the roll of pushing out new technologies lately. They are all very significant, such as the latest Google Map API for Flash and Google App Engine. The most exciting one came from yesterday’s Google IO conference, the Google Earth Plugin for Browser.

Now you can have 3D globe runs right within the browser. Released with it is the very extensive Google Earth JavaScript API for writing 3D map applications. I think it has opened a new page for GeoWeb visualization.

To have a complete GeoWeb, the analytical functions are critical and essential. That’s where the ESRI GIS […] Continue Reading…

Google App Engine Opens to Everyone

Posted by Charles | May 28, 2008 | Comment

I wrote about Google App Engine, which only allowed 5000 people registered back then. Today, at Google IO, its door opens to everybody. You can go sign it up and give it a spin.

How about trying out DjangoAMF or PyAMF for Flex RIA applications.

One thing I noticed though, it’s hard to get you a common name for the Google App Engine identifier. It makes me thinking either they have reserved lots of names or there were hundreds of thousands people registered there today.

Regardless, once signed up, which involve sending a SMS to your cell phone and type in the […] Continue Reading…

Flashing Handwriting Analysis

Posted by Charles | May 28, 2008 | 1 Comment

Bumped into this very interesting Flash site that does analysis on you handwriting and the result could be either entertaining or surprising, Basically you click through the choices that illustrate the handwriting types and at the end the video shows you what kind of person you are. You need be patient though because you have to watch the video result.

A Handy Flash Brainstorm Tool

Posted by Charles | May 27, 2008 | 4 Comments

Sometimes you just want to dump what ever in your mind to somewhere, someplace or some software. You can only move on when you know that you won’t loss what you had in mind. That’s why there are those brainstorm software such as the popular MindJet’s MingManager. Sometimes you just want to have something simple and easy to get over with it. When that moment strikes, try this free flash brainstorm tool (or site) called Text 2 Mind Map. Someone submitted to here and I like it. It’s a plain and simple tool. You see it and know how […] Continue Reading…

Google Flex Map Demo – Helps Earthquake Relief Efforts Too

Posted by Moxie Zhang | May 23, 2008 | 2 Comments

I post a peek review on how coming ESRI ArcGIS Flex API helps on China Earthquake Relief with a demo map application. When I said “peek”, I meant it literally. If you missed it then you have to wait. Before that I gave the new kid on block, Google Map API for Flash, a try. The result is at, of cause, China Earthquake Relief. You can got the source code too from here(just remember use your own Google Map API key. It won’t work without yours.)

So, how do I like it? What I can say is, the Flash API […] Continue Reading…

Does Google Map API for Flash Really Work?

Posted by Charles | May 21, 2008 | 6 Comments

Update: Got it works! I over simplified the code. To make the map object displayed within the UIComponent (in Flex), you have to implement the resize event. as: public function onResized(event:Event):void {  map.setSize(new Point(mapContainer.width, mapContainer.height));} man! ———————– So far it doesn’t work for me. Anybody? The Google Map API for Flash was released last week. I’ve been trying to use it to do something but so far I can’t get the base map shown. No, it’s not the API Key issue. If put in a wrong API Key, the API will display message complains about it. […] Continue Reading…

Spaz on AIR

Posted by Charles | May 21, 2008 | Comment

These days there are many web applications which help you to build your own social network and amongst Twitter takes the cake. For the uninitiated, it allows you to broadcast short message called tweets to your friends through IM, SMS or RSS. Its increasing popularity has lead to the creation many add-ons applications and Spaz comes in this league. To start with, Spaz is desktop client for twitter service. It has an neat interface which is a breeze to use.It is open source and portable and you can run it on Mac and Linux with equal. The new […] Continue Reading…

Flash Timer Count Elapsed Time Since China’s Earthquake

Posted by Charles | May 19, 2008 | 1 Comment

To support the relief effort for China’s earthquake, the needs a Flash timer to remind the time elapsed since the earthquake stroke at 14:28 May 12, 2008. So we made one. It’s a Flash application developed right out of Adobe Flash CS3 Professional. It can be easily down with Flex but then the size of the swf could be much bigger than a pure Flash one. There are not too much tricks once get the time calculation figured out, which is much harder than I thought. The main code is here:stop();
countDownTxt.autoSize = true;

var year = 2008;
var […] Continue Reading…


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