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Flex Programming Tips of the Week 0805c

Posted by Charles | May 18, 2008 | 1 Comment

As always news experiments continue to happen in the Flex environment and I have grabbed a few for your reference this week.

IPv4 Address Input for Flex- This one is a great example that explains constructing an IPv4Address Input by generating a request with MXML.

Enhanced States with Flex- A good point to learn about how make to editing of states quite easy. The example is well written and is easy to comprehend.

Auto complete Manager for Flash- Another neat example that surely will help many in using the AutoCompleteManager.

Flex Chat widget Update- A neat example with a major improvement is form […] Continue Reading…

ArcGIS Flex API Helps on China Earthquake Relief

Posted by Moxie Zhang | May 16, 2008 | 4 Comments

Update: I said it’s a peek and I meant it literally. So you can’t see it anymore. Just wait.

A devastating earthquake hit Si Chuan province, China on 5/12. To support the earthquake relief efforts I created a web site to collect all the resources for donations, I wanted to put a dynamic map on it to demonstrate the helps from all over the world. So I tried the ESRI ArcGIS Flex API, which was just released for closed technology review and testing. It’s a chance to give you a peek on the new Flex Map API around the […] Continue Reading…

Flex Digimix is Coming

Posted by Charles | May 16, 2008 | Comment

Amongst the various cutting edge applications built in Flex and AS3, Digimix surely makes a huge impression owing to its technical finesse. Its an elegant designed application that allows you to edit and mix- match music with effortless ease.

Essentially Digimix serves as high end audio editing software. Its advanced audio engine can edit and mix five tracks at one go. It blends the tracks with myriad audio effects. Digimix has audio waveform display which serves as a great facilitator in editing process. It sports a simple drag and drop operation to bring track to display area and copy and […] Continue Reading…

Agile Agenda on AIR

Posted by Charles | May 15, 2008 | Comment

Among the few striking RIA applications that had caught my eyes, Agile Agenda stood out for its sheer novelty. Essentially Agile Agenda is an Adobe Flex/AIR based project scheduling software which comes loaded with a bunch of powerful features that comes handy for every professional. It is a power pack application for project managers who spent larger chunks of their time in managing milestones. As far as, Agile Agenda’s concept goes, it is great resource allocator, task scheduler and milestone manger combined together. It provides user friendly and flexible interfaces for all the above said functions leveraging the concepts […] Continue Reading…

Flash Visual Search Goes Extra Miles

Posted by Charles | May 14, 2008 | 1 Comment

RIA based applications never cease to impress and Viewzi takes this even forward by presenting features that can literally change the way you search on the internet. Essentially it’s a Flash based visual Search engine. It gives a chance to users to seek content of their choice visually and in many specialized way. The interactivity that one has with content makes this site addictive. And it brings best results from all major search engines like Yahoo, Google and many more. More specialized searches like music videos, photos, songs, movie clips, weather, news updates, shopping goes to Viewzi’s credit. Viewzi […] Continue Reading…

Apprise on AIR

Posted by Charles | May 13, 2008 | Comment

With each passing day the popularity of aggregators are soaring to new heights. For the uninitiated, Aggregates are like personal newspapers that are being used to create an information space where user gets instant updates and information by syndicating the web contents like news, views , blogs, even MP3 songs (Podcast). Apprise is one such RSS aggregator, a web application for AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) which packs in quite a punch. Apprise comes across as a rather useful utility that can one learn within minutes. It provides the platform to publish data (feed) which is being aggregated e.g. […] Continue Reading…

Flex Programming Tips of the Week 0805b

Posted by Charles | May 11, 2008 | Comment

This week I thought of bringing a bunch of exciting contributions for ever increasing with each passing day.

Using CoverFlow Flex Component A detailed and interesting tutorial that explains how one can use the CoverFlow component to create sleek effects.

Detecting an alert control close A neat code example of how one can detect the close of a Flex Alert Control

Looping a Flex 3 Sequence Animation A short example code that shows how to loop a sequence effect and it can also used to pause between loops.

Creating PDF docs from Flex Applications A comprehensive tutorial explains all you need to know […] Continue Reading…

Detecting a mouse up outside event in AS3

Posted by Jay | May 11, 2008 | 8 Comments

In ActionScript3 event driven programming plays a major part with mouse or key pressed and even a text field having events associated with them. Events indicate action e.g. mouse press corresponds to “mouse down” event and vice versa is “mouse up” event.

To check if mouse release (mouseUp -Event.MOUSE_UP)) has happened on the target object on which mouse down – Event.MOUSE_DOWN took place or a “mouse up outside “event when mouse up has not happened on the target object; there is no predefined event with AS3 unlike its earlier versions that had “onReleaseOutside event”.

To resolve this, we need to add […] Continue Reading…

Creating Graphics Copies with ActionScript3

Posted by Jay | May 10, 2008 | 1 Comment

Since ActionScript3 is the core to Flash/Flex RIA it contains an expansive repertoire of display objects, graphical methods to create such applications. At the same time for design of such an application may need replication of same object several times. E.g. virtual pool table
With AS3, in order to duplicate the properties of a Display object instance to other instances, the “GraphicsCopy” class provides for an easier approach. It substitutes the graphics properties of an instance to other instance.

Public function GraphicsCopy (graphics:Graphics = null) // constructor

The Graphics instance in the parameter list that receives all drawing calls through drawing […] Continue Reading…


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