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How to Get Sound Spectrum Information with AS3?

Posted by Jay | April 30, 2008 | 1 Comment

These days’ sound files are being readily introduced to jazz up the web pages. Once we have the preferred tracks onto our site many of us may be tempted to try our hands at creating visualizations similar to the look and feel of popular media player applications. In order to display such visualizations it is necessary to gain the related sound spectrum information.

Now if you were thinking that getting this information with AS3 is a tough ask, then you will be surprised find out that all you need is to write is just few lines of code and your […] Continue Reading…

Breaking News: Java World Has been Stirring Up by Spring

Posted by Charles | April 29, 2008 | Comment

InfoQ just revealed a very significant new development in the Java world, SpringSource launches a new application server without following the Java EE standards. According to InfoQ: SpringSource Application Platform is not a Java EE application server. While it does support WAR deployment, EAR deployment is not supported nor are some other EE specs such as EJB. The SpringSource Application Platform has been designed from the ground up to instead focus directly on supporting the widely used Spring Portfolio of open source projects. Specifically, the application server builds on the Spring Portfolio programming model leveraging Spring Dynamic Modules […] Continue Reading…

Curl to Compete with Adobe AIR

Posted by Charles | April 29, 2008 | 1 Comment

Though Rich Internet Applications have made a quite an impact on Internet based applications, their prevalence in desktop based applications is a rarity. With Curl launching its advanced runtime software platform “Nitro”; things are expected to hot up in the enterprise based RIA applications. Nitro based applications are highly suited for large organization who wish to introduce data intensive high end RIA application across to run on desktop machines. Among the various advantages that Nitro brings to the table includes support for enterprise range of applications, extensive datasets, native hardware accelerators while allowing server side independence. Curl claims […] Continue Reading…

Flex Startups to Manage Your Groups

Posted by Charles | April 26, 2008 | Comment

Though group management utilities have been in vogue for quite some time, they have not gained much currency amongst small business and communities. A significant part of this can be attributed to the drab outlook and difficult options that many of these tools portray. With Flex based we get to see a radical shift in approach to group management which focuses on convenience and sleek appeal. It is a platform that I really like to use; irrespective of whether it’s a project that I am working on or communicating with my buddies. It can be used for […] Continue Reading…

Flesh Helps Building Information Widget in Flash

Posted by Charles | April 25, 2008 | Comment

Today nearly every one in the world from small firms to large enterprises, politicians to musicians wants to share their ideas and wish to be heard on the Internet. Rich Internet based applications are doing a lot in bringing people close and in this league Sproutbuilder provides a great opportunity. It lets you publish, manage and share your ideas. “Sprouts” is the name to your ideas and it is basically expressed in form of widgets that can be spread virally. Ideas can be in the form of banners, audio, catchy, videos, stylish flash files etc. Among the various […] Continue Reading…

10000 Cents in Flash

Posted by Charles | April 23, 2008 | Comment

Among variety of interesting projects floating in the cyber world, Ten Thousand Cents stands outs for its ingenuity. There is something intriguing about how materialized and much of it points to how technology these days is fructifying new ideas. Basically the project is a digital artwork which represents a $100 bill with each small section (10000 parts in all) being drawn separately by thousands of artists. What surely strikes out is the fact all these artists engaged in drawing their separate bits were working independently and without any interaction. When you first visit the Flash site you are […] Continue Reading…

How to Split Strings in AS3

Posted by Jay | April 21, 2008 | 9 Comments

Well… as I had mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I am basically a Java programmer and hence when it comes to programming in ActionScript, I realize that the bits of code that I take for granted in Java are things I need to ponder about a little when they are to be coded in AS3. One such challenge was splitting strings. Now, in hindsight, it sounds so simple; however, at that time, I spent a good three hours in trying to figure this out. And, at the end of my three hours of frantic syntax searching and […] Continue Reading…

Well-done Flex Startup Helps on Managing Your Money

Posted by Charles | April 21, 2008 | Comment

Increasingly web sites are utilizing RIA technologies to come up with stylish and user friendly interface designed to achieve various ends. In this league makes a striking entry with its innovative online tools and elegant designs. In a nutshell is all about helping you take important decisions related to finance. It comes loaded with host of interesting features and has an intelligent online budgeting tool to its credit. The web site aims to track your financial activity within a secure environment and actively helps you achieve your financial goals. Once you sign up and log […] Continue Reading…

Flex Programming Tips of the Week 0804c

Posted by Charles | April 20, 2008 | Comment

Lets the jump on the tips right away

ZoomFrame a small yet interesting component that let you zoom in and even get the object aligned.

Get rid of Flex 3 “Beta Expired error” If you have encounter this hassle you surely would know what a headache this can be.

Skin a flex video player I thought I share this cool tutorial that really gets on your way to skin a flex video player.

Portraying hierarchical data relationships If you always felt displaying relations in a tree view was tricky then this surely will be to your taste. But beware you need to look […] Continue Reading…


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