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What Adobe is up to – MAX Thought

Posted by Charles | October 9, 2009 | Comment

Back from MAX. Realized Adobe is a new company now. It was a desktop software company with a niche market in the graphic design and creativity tools area. Through organic growth and acquisitions (mainly Macromedia in 05)
Adobe is evolving into a developer focused IT platform company and gaining acceptance and great respect among development communities. From the messages of the Adobe MAX 09, it’s obvious Adobe is moving aggressively into a more competitive and lucrative
pace, enterprise and online. This move is annotated with all the buzzwords through out the conference sessions, cloud computing, p2p collaboration, analytical web, augmented […] Continue Reading…

MAX: How Flash Gets on iPhone

Posted by Charles | October 5, 2009 | 1 Comment

It’s kind of interesting how Adobe sneaked out the iPhone announcement. First, a iPhone quick demo was shown in the general session that gave a clue on the iPhone + Flash thing but not whole lot of details. Then, luckily if you went to a right session like I did, the original session titled with “mobile” something was changed to have “iPhone” in it. Very exciting actually. Anway, the way it works is that you create the Flash application with Flash Pro CSS and generated the native iPhone code bits for deployment to the Apple AppStore. Apparently so far Apple […] Continue Reading…

MAX : Flash on iphone

Posted by Charles | October 5, 2009 | Comment

Flas flex (as3) can be compiled into native iPhone.

Needs Flash Pro CSS.

Heading to MAX

Posted by Charles | October 3, 2009 | Comment

Heading to Adobe MAX 2009 in LA. Started downloading BYOL (bring your own laptop) sessions’ assets. Adobe is certainly creative company so that I won’t be surprised the Adobe MAX Companion created for MAX goers, a AIR application where you can twit, check your session and find locations in the convention center.Only one problem though, so far I’m not able to connect to my MAX account. Guess I’ll keep trying. just thought, it’ll be cool(er) is such app can be run on iPhone (or other mobile devices). Someday, guess someday Flash will be on them.

Flash Front end of Flickr

Posted by Moxie Zhang | October 2, 2009 | Comment

Run into this creative site, flappr, which is a totally re-skin of Flickr using Flash. It also simplifies the the way of searching photos from it.

I tried it and it performs very well. When ever you have some time to kill, this a easier way to browse through photos without pay too much of attention on navigation or busy web page elements.

3 ActionScript 3 Cheat Sheets

Posted by Charles | September 29, 2009 | 1 Comment

Here are three ActionScript 3.0 Cheat Sheets from a similar named blog.Top Level Class Cheatsheetdownload from here.flash.display Package Cheatsheetdownload from herePackages Cheatsheetdownload from here.It always have something handy around for a handyman.

Check Spelling When You Can – new Spell Checker for Flash AIR Flex

Posted by Charles | September 25, 2009 | Comment

I wrote about ActionScript Spell Checker and 10 more others you can use in your Flash based RIA. Here is one more from Adobe: Squiggly.Squiggly is a spell checking engine for Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR. The Squiggly library allows you to easily add spell checking functionality in any Flex 3 based text control. The distribution package consists of a utility for building your own spelling dictionaries, a sample English dictionary, an Action Script package that checks individual words for spelling accuracy, and sample code that demonstrates “check as you type” functionality — see the online demo. While […] Continue Reading…

Twitter loaded up with Cash

Posted by Charles | September 24, 2009 | Comment

Twitter is nearing a deal to close as much as $100 million of new funding, about twice as much as the messaging Web site was expected to collect in its latest round of fund-raising, from as many as seven investors. The investor group includes mutual fund giant T. Rowe Price and private-equity firm Insight Venture Partners, which are new investors to Twitter. The investors are valuing Twitter, which has yet to generate revenue or finalize its plans for making money, at about $1 billion.Twitter is a very interesting startup study case. I’ve got a feeling it will be in […] Continue Reading…

Google Takes on Flash and Silverlight with Chrome Frame

Posted by Charles | September 23, 2009 | 4 Comments

In my 10 RIA Predictions for 2009 No. 3 I said “Google will release a RIA runtime to beat Flex, Silverlight, Firefox and everybody else for UI spaces.” I am right! Google released the Google Chrome Frame yesterday (9/22/09).It’s a plugin, as I predicted. So far it’s only for IE. “With Google Chrome Frame, developers can now take advantage of the latest open web technologies, even in Internet Explorer. From a faster Javascript engine, to support for current web technologies like HTML5’s offline capabilities and <canvas>, to modern CSS/Layout handling, Google Chrome Frame enables these features within IE with […] Continue Reading…


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