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Go Vote For Flex Builds Flash Lite

Posted by Charles | April 10, 2008 | Comment

The dude at Flash Platform did a great thing to formally make feature request for next version of Flex Builder. It’s to allow Flex Builder works directly with Device Central to build Flash Lite application. Here is what he said: Talking with 2 Flex team guys, they said to us that if you’d like some new features in Flex 4, only make a feature request to Adobe jira system.So I said: “One of the most cool feature that you could implement in next version of Flex Builder, it could be to compile Flash Lite projects and maybe Flex […] Continue Reading…

Google Opens up gCloud, Watch out, RoR, EC2 and Flex

Posted by Charles | April 9, 2008 | 1 Comment

Google announced Google App Engine and WOW-ed the the whole web. And, this is just a preview release! What this has anything to do with RIA? Keep reading. Here are the quick points you’d expect from Google App Engine: It’s a virtual hosting environment in the “gCloud”. Your gAppEngine apps run off domain or from your Google Apps. Now Google Apps has totally new meaning. Account is free with 500MB storage (including DB) The CPU and bandwidth can support 5 million page views a month. Good enough. Free in preview release, will have charge model in the […] Continue Reading…

Ruby on Rails File Upload Plugin Update

Posted by Charles | April 8, 2008 | Comment

I reviewed three Ruby on Rails file upload plugins last year. They are Acts As Attachment, File Column Plugin and FlexImage. Besides, readers suggested other plugins such as attachment_fu, upload_column and Flash applet. This is a update on one of them, FlexImage. Just you know, I like the name of it but it has nothing to do with Adobe Flex. I listed couple of cons about FlexImage in that post. The new release seems solved all of them. According to Alex Wayne: Image filename, width and height will automatically be stored in the database if you have the […] Continue Reading…

Flex Programming Tips of the Week 0804a

Posted by Charles | April 4, 2008 | Comment

It’s April’s Fool week so I know I should be careful about tips and tricks. Try at your own risk, hehehe…

Adding Java Tool to Standalone Flex Builder – It’s very obvious to Java turned Flex developers who are familiar with Eclipse. But the rest of non-Eclipse developers, this is a good handy tip. Nothing better than put all the trades in a one bag.

UMap Flex Sample – You know I’m a GeoWeb fun. Web map is one of the best RIA tool to visualize things spatially. UMap is an open source web AS3 Map API. It’s nice to have […] Continue Reading…

Better Than Never, Adobe Mobile Gallery

Posted by Charles | April 3, 2008 | 1 Comment

Adobe just released its Flash Mobile Gallery the week. Coming to think of it, the Flash Lite has been around for so many years and only now Adobe pulled up a mobile gallery. Either they were really stretched out too thin or just don’t think mobile is a big deal. But that’s not what Microsoft thinks (with Silverlight) or Sun bets on (poor JavaFX). Guess Adobe turned around and realized have to do something there. Regardless, late is always better than never. When going through the Flash Mobile Gallery, which is of cause a nice Flash application itself, you […] Continue Reading…

Making Flash Movie With Flex Authoring Startup

Posted by Charles | April 2, 2008 | 4 Comments

Is this the same startup I wrote couple of times? That’s the reaction I got when login to the new Toufee Pro after receiving a closed beta invite. To understand why I’m pleasantly surprised you need to go back to my previous posts on Toufee in 2006 and 2007. Since then I’ve totally forgotten about those nice Flash dudes (Flex dudes now). Didn’t realize that they are still cranking out good stuffs. Late this week, they will release the beta to public. I have 10 invites to give out if you want to give it a try. The previous […] Continue Reading…

Webkit’s Perfect Score is Good for Adobe AIR

Posted by Charles | April 1, 2008 | 1 Comment

Webkit has announced that their Webkit core scored a perfect 100/100 score on the Acid3 web browser standards compliance tests. If you want to know what that means, Acid3 test editor Ian Hickson has the details. Otherwise, 100% is just good, obviously. But what this has to do with Adobe AIR? Adobe AIR’s HTML and JavaScript within Adobe AIR are handled by the WebKit HTML/JavaScript engine. Webkit is also used by Safari browser on Mac OS X (iPhone too), KHTML browser in KDE and browser on most of Symbian devices. As Adobe stated: We spent a considerable […] Continue Reading…

Another Map Icon Factory for RIA GeoWeb

Posted by Charles | March 31, 2008 | Comment

I wrote about Google’s release of its MapIconMaker JavaScript library last week. From a comment of it I got to know another Map Icon Factory site that could help developing richer GeoWeb applicaiton, Mapcion Factory by CatoSoft. It’s for profit site that requires to pay to get access the large stored map icons. However, if you have a design idea in mind, you can use the interactive tool to design your map icon for free. I’d say the design tool is good enough for most of the map icon needs. To design a map icon (aka marker), you just […] Continue Reading…

Flex Programming Tips of the Week 0308b

Posted by Charles | March 29, 2008 | Comment

There are more and more great contributions from Flex community, which is stronger and bigger. Here are handful of them in this week:

LiveCycle ES vs LiveCycle DS vs BlazeDS -Greg Wilson tried to clear up the confusion among these terms/products. Indeed it’s about time for just this. While the UI part of Flex RIA is maturing, the focus is (should) moving to the integration of server side business logics. The DS gong is playing a essential role within the RIA server domain.

Forcing Single Instance of Flex App – A straight up tip for who ever wants to develop consistent […] Continue Reading…


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