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Introduce Ambient Internet Applications (AIA)

Posted by Moxie Zhang | March 10, 2008 | 1 Comment

At the 2008 Emerging Technology Conference (ETech), Dave Rose, Co-founder and CEO of Ambient Devices, explained how the concept of ambient devises applies to our daily life. An ardent anti-PC guy, Rose is an advocate for PC-free Internet access with ambient devices. As I sat through the session on ambient devices and the importance of user interfaces, I keep relating the concepts involved to rich Internet applications (RIA). Although Rose’s lecture was primarily about hardware, it seems “anti-PC” is just another way of promoting the use of ambient devices. After all, we will have to live with […] Continue Reading…

Do You Use Rugs?

Posted by Charles | March 10, 2008 | Comment

Furnishing your home and office with area rugs is the fastest way to spice up your furniture. Apart from charming everyone by giving a distinct theme to each of your rooms, rugs can also absorb noise, add warmth, and resist static and dirt. Area rugs come in all styles — contemporary, traditional, Oriental, Persian, Indian, European, and Native American. They are available in a wide range of sizes, colors, and also shapes. The price of a rug depends on a large number of factors including style, size, shape, and material used. Machine-made rugs using synthetic fibers are inexpensive, […] Continue Reading…

Yahoo Fire Eagle to be Location Clear House

Posted by Charles | March 8, 2008 | 1 Comment

At this year’s ETech, Yahoo rolled out another location based startup, Fire Eagle. It’s a platform ( with APIs) for sharing your location online. It gives applications the ability to update, query and track your location, with user-driven privacy controls allow setting of location availability and granularity. The attached diagram shows how it works. I talked to those developers. Behind the service is actually a high performance geocoding technology from a company Yahoo bought last year. Some highlights here: .: It’s a pure platform play as an independent startup. .: The REST-based API supports OAuth as the […] Continue Reading…

Books Sale Tells Where Programming Languages Go

Posted by Charles | March 6, 2008 | Comment

Everything there is this must-read post from O’Reilly Rader, State of the Computer Book Market — The Languages. It’s out this week and again it gives valuable insight on how programming languages fair in the past years. The posts are in four parts. I’m really interested in the language one.  According to the analysis, Ruby was a small box last year and is now 8 largest language passing Perl and Python and is now knocking on the door for Visual Basic’s spot. Ruby has the second largest unit growth after C# and went from 4% overall market […] Continue Reading…

Silverlight 2.0 Beta Out, Not Good Enough

Posted by Charles | March 5, 2008 | 5 Comments

Microsoft released Silverlight 2.0 beta at MIX08. You can get it from here. For developers want to give it a spin, go download Silverlight tools for VS2008, which provides a Silverlight project system for developing Silverlight applications using C# or Visual Basic. Silverlight Tools Beta 1 for Visual Studio 2008 includes: Visual Basic and C# Project templates Intellisense and code generators for XAML Debugging of Silverlight applications Web reference support Integration with Expression Blend The most significant new development from Silverlight 2.0 is full set of controls, which the first time makes Silverlight a […] Continue Reading…

JavaFX Script Compiler Milestone 2 Release Available Now

Posted by Charles | March 5, 2008 | Comment

Even though it’s not as active as expected, Sun does makes progress to JavaFX. A new JavaFX Script Compiler Milestone just released. According to Sun, the major new features are: . full sequence syntax: . insert x at y[i] . delete x[i], delete x[i..j] . reverse x . bound sequences . sequence slice operations . indexof . animation classes, duration literals (250ms, 5s, etc.) . new internationalization support . __DIR__, __FILE__ pseudo-variables . initialization overhaul . javadoc-like tool The release includes updated demos include Motorola’s Studio […] Continue Reading…

Silverlight Goes Mobile with Nokia

Posted by Charles | March 4, 2008 | Comment

Nokia today announced plans to make Microsoft Silverlight available for S60 on Symbian OS, the world’s leading smartphone software(1), as well as for Series 40 devices and Nokia Internet tablets.  “Adding support for Silverlight will extend opportunities for developers to create rich, interactive applications that run on multiple platforms in a consistent and reliable way.” This is a surprise development, even tough there were talks about Nokia will put Microsoft Mobile on its phone. Our sister site N95Pro complained about it awhile ago. At surface adapting Flash Lite makes more sense and Flash mobile platform on Nokia is very […] Continue Reading…

What the Facts about Adobe Pacifica Project @ETech

Posted by Charles | March 4, 2008 | 2 Comments

Today at O’Reilly ETech Danielle Deibler of Adobe present Adobe Pacifica Project. Danielle runs Engineering for a VoIP services initiative code named Pacifica. In general, Pacifica is the service Adobe is developing to put VoIP right inside browser or where ever Flash goes, based on standard technologies.  Here are some facts about Pacifica: Most of the Library, especially client side, is written in ActionScript 3. Some of the core is written in C++. The client side foot print will be around 1.5MB. Obviously, the render is in Flash. The prototype is done. There are about 200 […] Continue Reading…

100 More Silverlight Showcases

Posted by Charles | March 4, 2008 | Comment

We love Flex better. But doesn’t mean we should stick our heads into sand. Do you want to know how close (if ever) Silverlight is running behind Flex? I do think the RIA world is big enough to have more players and our love can spread out a bit more too. Going over the demos is a good way to check out the competitors. Microsoft put out a good Silverlight show case gallery, in Silverlight. There are about 166 applications so far. Most of them are media rich rather than application focused. I guess catching eye balls first is […] Continue Reading…


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