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10 + ActionScript APIs Mashing up Web 2.0 the RIA Way

Posted by Charles | February 7, 2008 | 4 Comments has a post written by Moxie described more than 10 ActionScript libraries that can be used to develop Flash, Flex  or Adobe AIR software mashing up major Web 2.0 platforms. Here they are: MySpace Development Platform (ActionScript Library) Facebook F8 Platform (ActionScript API) Amazon S3 (ActionScript Library) eBay Platform (ActionScript Library) Flickr (ActionScript Library) YouTube (ActionScript Library) Yahoo! ASTRA (ActionScript Libraries) Google Map (ActionScript API) Web Map Services (Google, Microsoft VE and Yahoo) (ActionScript API) Twitter Life Stream (ActionScript 3 API) ( SWX Twitter API ) Pownce ( ActionScript 3.0 library ) Digg (Flash Kit) […] Continue Reading…

Develop Irregular Shaped AIR Application

Posted by Charles | February 6, 2008 | 1 Comment

If you were a Windows developers you might still remember the day that you discovered you can write a irregular shaped Windows application to impress your peers and bosses. I was wondering how that could be done using Adobe Flex or AIR. Well, there is a answer from Merhl. Apparently this had been down using Flash CS3 and there is a demo and tutorial called iSquare. But we are not Flash designer so I’d stick with Merhl’s AIR way. This Krispy Kreme AIR application is the result. First he created a image file and cleaned it up at Fireworks […] Continue Reading…

AIR + Flex Salesbuilder in new Beta

Posted by Charles | February 5, 2008 | Comment

Christophe Coenraets released the beta 3 version of Salesbuilder, along with source code. Salesbuilder is a Sales Force Automation application written in Flex and deployed on the AIR runtime. It demonstrates local persistence using the embedded SQLite database, data synchronization, native drag-and-drop, and other features such as direct chart manipulation. The application is now using synchronous access to the local SQLite database (as opposed to the asynchronous data access strategy of the previous version).

You can go here to install the application, download the source code and go through a guide tour.

Moving From Tech to Business with MBA

Posted by Charles | February 4, 2008 | Comment

One thing you probably realized too is that it’s not the geeks running the world. It’s MBAs. One of my friends actually act upon that realization and start pursuing a Online Degree, in MBA. There are many Online MBA places you can go to take your time for study. Of cause one question is that, does Online MBA works? Well, that depends on the purpose of getting a MBA. If you are trying to get back to school and like the way sitting in the class with bunch of classmates, then online might not fit. However, if what […] Continue Reading…

Socializing with Style – Snockles

Posted by Charles | February 4, 2008 | Comment

With the arrival of RIA technologies, user interface has become more dynamic and richer than ever before. Various new Web sites and Web applications have been created with the help of Rich Internet Applications. While some like MiniUSA have decided to go in for total revolution in user-interactivity based on RIA, some other services, like the Social Messaging platform Snockles (, have gone in for a more balanced approach that refrains from jarring users totally. Snockles is a free Social Messaging service which can be used both through the Web and a mobile phone. With Snockles, you no longer […] Continue Reading…

When Broadband Done Right

Posted by Charles | February 3, 2008 | Comment

I tried a broadband speed test and found out BT does broadband right. BT broadband give 8MB download speed. You may think that’s not that fast, but, you pay only f8.95 for it. That’s lot cheaper than 2nd world broadband place like the US. You would think everywhere has broadband now but that’s not the case. Broadband internet connection is still very expensive. It’s the hurdle actually to the new online based innovations. I expect in the next couple years, there would be much faster internet connection so that we don’t have to relay on satellite or cable companies […] Continue Reading…

Will Flex Survives the Y!Microsoft marriage?

Posted by Charles | February 1, 2008 | 2 Comments

Microsoft proposed, Yahoo pondering,The price tag hangsbigger than the ring,Flashed with loveMy dear, let’s together go green.   There is this thing called “ripple effect”. If this marriage indeed happened, what will trickle to the RIA space? Let’s put some thoughts here. First all, to RIA in general, we won’t see too much of changes except the RIA continues going mainstream. The awareness and application of RIA will be way out of the niche category. We will continue observing intense competition in the RIA software development tool, platform, services and deployment areas. However, from specific RIA player perspective, […] Continue Reading…

Where You Can Have All the RIA Layout Ideas

Posted by Charles | January 31, 2008 | Comment

I believe the first thing pondering in your mind when start a UI design is, what the app layout should looks like? This is especially true when designing a RIA application. It’s because all those UI components (button, label, drop down, etc) are there already and the only thing could possibly differentiate your application at the first sight is a good looking layout. For that matter, you really want to check out the site call Layout Cook Book. It’s purely a site for ideas because it doesn’t tell you how to design layout, doesn’t give templates, CSS files, example, […] Continue Reading…

It’s Time for IP Phone

Posted by Charles | January 30, 2008 | Comment

If you still using the old but not so good fashion phone company for your wired phone communication, it’s time to think about plan B, Especially when you running a small business shop and when every penny counts. How about install a Cisco IP Phone system. How about checking out Axess Communications. This company has an enviable reputation for the quality of the integrated communications solutions they provide through a broad range of market channels. Their resources enable them to add genuine value that goes beyond product supply to create an unmatched customer experience. In order to achieve and […] Continue Reading…


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