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Two Major Web 2.0 Services are Down

Posted by Charles | January 15, 2008 | 2 Comments

At this moment both my frequently used web 2.0 services, Stumbleupon and Twitter, are down. Twitter is kinda up and down the whole morning. It makes me thinking about how the web-as-a-platform trend will be evolving into, when we are more and more relying on those services to go about our daily life. Can we live without them all when they are all got cut off from our computers one day. Not sure.

It Might JavaFX Should Be

Posted by Charles | January 15, 2008 | Comment

Among the three major contenders in the RIA race, Adobe Flash/Flex/AIR, Microsoft Silverlight and Sun JavaFX, the former two really are traveling on the same route, XML GUI markup. However, Sun JavaFX looks up at Flash as a role model and goes to a different path to make its JavaFX scripting language similar to the good and old Flash in the pre-actionscript days. On the surface, it makes great sense. During the past 10 years, Java really turned its developers to be server-side developers, at least majority of them. Sun has to make JavaFX appealing to designers, only because […] Continue Reading…

Learn (or Copy) from the Design Master

Posted by Charles | January 11, 2008 | Comment

No doubt Apple (its designers) is the master of design, from hardware to software. If you really want to mimic some of its design, especially the UI design for you beloved RIA application, you could.  Matt at Jotlet came up with a Photoshop template that allows you easily create iPhone style icon. There are some details are quit interesting, as a design hack: A few things to note: The inner glare at the bottom of the icon is a mixture between straight white and overlayed white. For some colors the overlay may be too […] Continue Reading…

Free Online Blackjack

Posted by Charles | January 9, 2008 | 1 Comment

Gambling is not our topic but that’s one of the most profitable online business and also the online business use most of the RIA technologies, especially flash based technologies. Here is an good example, the Black Jack Club that offer free black jack. All the games here are developed using flash with very realistic simulation. Except the noise and smoke smell, you could feel you are in a casino by sitting in front of the screen. The take their business very seriously. Of cause, they do not accept US or Canadian players due to recent regulations. The site […] Continue Reading…

10 Web Sites to Enrich Your Design Creativity

Posted by Charles | January 9, 2008 | 1 Comment

Nobody was born with superior design creativity inside, or at least most of us didn’t. From time to time we need get inspiration from some where. I found these 10 places could give you big dosage of that, the inspiration. ArtzManiz If you think globally and like to exposed to design flavor from international talents, here is the place. It’s a magazine style publishing online. There are tons of stuffs you can download and admire later. Kuler Adobe does something right here with this color community. If you get the color wrong, the whole RIA will suck. Besides, […] Continue Reading…

It’s the fonts speak the words

Posted by Charles | January 8, 2008 | Comment

At a web site, a web application, especially a RIA based application, most people forgot it’s the fonts speak the words on a UI. Fonts can be easily neglected. But we know small thing kills. Fonts should be on your RIA tool belt. I found this little Flash site TypeNavigator (partially) helps. It’s actually a site to sell fonts (I’m not affiliate with them though.) The Flash part is to help search the type of fonts in your mind. As you know, every font has a name and there are hundreds of new fonts created continuously. You just can’t […] Continue Reading…

Logo Remake Went Wrong or Right

Posted by Charles | January 7, 2008 | Comment

UI design is essential part of everything RIA. One has to know that RIA doesn’t give a good UI. RIA tools and technologies merely provide extended space to accommodate creativity and imaginations for good UI design. Of cause, RIA makes the design much easier and more accessible. UI design is also to design a identity for your applications, systems or the companies. Take logo design for example, any establishment, big or small, has a logo. But be careful when design your logo, or especially, when you are tweaking the logo design. Chrys Bader listed some of the logo redesign […] Continue Reading…

2 Backup Solutions Save Your Soul in 2008

Posted by Charles | January 4, 2008 | Comment

Good start is essential for a new year. That’s why before we diving back to the wonderful RIA world, let’s get everything well prepared first. This time is backup. Have you ever lost data from a crashed hard drive. Yap, virtually I saw all hands up. Here is what I did for backup right after vacation. I have the combination of local and online backup. I know it’s over dose a bit, but in the digital age, lost your data is like lost your soul. You don’t want that , do you? Online Backup I’ve got FiOS at […] Continue Reading…

Capture the Moments

Posted by Charles | January 3, 2008 | Comment

What we have lost at every moment is what we see, event though it should be called “Time”. However, without what we see to fill our mind, time is meaningless. If you do think this way, then it should occur to you that there are way too much we are losing second by second. I know it sounds sad but there is a bright side of it. That’s from the technologies we love. How about capture as many those moments as possible, using the convenient and ever advancing digital camera. That is one of my new year resolution in […] Continue Reading…


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