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When You Really Miss Your Data

Posted by Charles | January 3, 2008 | Comment

Early this year I posted that I have setup double backup solution to ensure my data is covered. But still sometimes the things just fall through the cracks. What if you actually lost your soul, um, I mean your data? That when the computer forensic comes in. Chris L. T. Brown defined computer forensics as “is the art and science of applying computer science to aid the legal process. Although plenty of science is attributable to computer forensics, most successful investigators possess a nose for investigations and for solving puzzles, which is where the art comes in” Even though […] Continue Reading…

If You Like to Start New Year with Clean HTML

Posted by Charles | January 3, 2008 | 2 Comments

Well, you just need click the image to see it all. Clean enough to get clean?

10 Things Won’t Happen in 2008

Posted by Charles | January 2, 2008 | 1 Comment

Happy New Year!  And glad back online. Wondering why lots of bloggers wouldn’t take days off during the holiday. Anyway, it’s about the time of the year to look further. Also it’s the time we will see all sorts of prediction about what could happen next year. Since I realized that we’ve been good at prediction, sort of, let’s do another one, in different way though. Let’s what won’t happen in 2008. 1. Adobe Won’t Got Acquired We’ve bet that it would happen before. But Adobe is getting too big. There might be brave hearts to try but it’s […] Continue Reading…

Skip the Line for Holiday Shopping

Posted by Charles | January 1, 2008 | Comment

I believe this holiday will mark this year of online shopping year. Myself definitely is sick of getting in the line, long line, to check out a item or two, for about a hour, only because it’s holiday. No, my day is not getting longer because it’s a happy season. However, I won’t just heading to a online site and start entering my credit card number. Not when what I want is one of the cool laptops. I’ll head to one of the price compare site. For people not in the US, the SaveBucket place is very cool and […] Continue Reading…

Deal with Spam Earlier in the Year

Posted by Charles | December 30, 2007 | Comment

Year 2007 is many things achieved. It’s also said a year that spam email surpassed real email communication in volume, even though I believe that had happened couple of years ago. Regardless, one of the first thing we might want to put in place, for personal or business, is anti spam. In many cases, you might want to get help from professionals. Then you need check out a company called MX Logic. MX Logic Inc. is a managed security services provider of email and Web security services. I was drown to this site by its useful anti-spam […] Continue Reading…

The Flash Christmas Getting Flasher

Posted by Charles | December 21, 2007 | Comment

Believe it or not, it is a Flash Christmas, considering all the news from Adobe on everything Flash, ActionScript and tamarin VM, I mean, great news. It’s getting better actually. Today, Yahoo’s Flash team delivered another gift to all the flashing cool kids, the Badge Kit. Yahoo may backed off the Flex 1.5 base map and turned to AJAX, but its Flash lab is very busy in churning out goodies, in the mean while. Any way, the new toy, Badge Kit, is an XML-based framework for rapid development of small interactive Flash applications. You can learn how to use […] Continue Reading…

It’s Nice Going Direct

Posted by Charles | December 20, 2007 | Comment

We are living in a society, in a way, integrated by programs from TV. Watching TV is part of our life. The problem was that part of life was used to be dictated by cable companies. Good thing is that we have something called Direct TV and we are free. Put Direct TV Deals aside, it’s the options that give our life more ways of enjoy it. If you can look around the neighborhood you are living, you can find all those little satellite antenna attached to each of the houses. It’s the evidence that people take the Direct […] Continue Reading…

3 Flash Phones to Wipe out IM Phones

Posted by Charles | December 20, 2007 | 3 Comments

We’ve seen so called web phones or phones wedgies, which are merely a way to start the installed IM VoIP phones software such as GTalk, Skype, Gizmo or Jajah. But I think it’s about time to wipe out those guys from the web (browser, to be more precisely.) These new Flash phones are changing the game and the true web phone age is started. Flashphone This is from Russia. I think it’s a Flex app and SIP-based web phone. These guys go the simplicity route. Once you registered, whish doesn’t need registration confirmation, the Flash phone interface will be […] Continue Reading…

10 Predictions Done Right, Most of them

Posted by Charles | December 19, 2007 | 2 Comments

Somehow found our 10 RIA predictions post made in early 2006 while searching on Google. I was surprised by how accurate most of predictions were. Can’t help showing off here item by item: The release of Flex 2.0, especially the new Flex Builder along with its independent pricing plan, triggers new high of RIA buzz. Yes, indeed. I know it’s kinda predictable. But that’s early 2006 and look at now. I could say now, “I told you.” hehehe… Microsoft releases a full set of repackaged RIA product, ahead of Vista release, to suppress the new wave of RIA […] Continue Reading…


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