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You Should Know Time is Running Out

Posted by Charles | December 18, 2007 | Comment

Can’t believe another Christmas is coming. To boost you holiday spirits and make sure you are ready for it, I give you the count down from Kiwee, a site to create fun Flash postcards, countdowns, graphs, etc. Flashing aside, the guys at Kiwee really knows how to party. They make it supper easy to put those fun stuffs on social networks, including the places all the cool kids hang around such as mspace, facebook, multiply, pic20, yahoo 360, friendster, Windows Live Messenger, AIM Messenger and Yahoo Messenger. Just head there and have fun.

When a Flex App Becomes a Web Site?

Posted by Charles | December 17, 2007 | 6 Comments

There are attempts to develop Flex web applications. Most of them I’ve seen are Flex applications on web. While Flash is omnipresent, people still feel odd and disoriented when getting on a Flex application while surfing the web. The usability of a windows style Flex application is indeed different from HTML web site. Going either directions, turn-web-to-desktop or leave-as-it-is, using Flex is OK with me. I just want to see people do it right. I think the Ultrashock guys did it right. Ultrashock is a commerce site that basically selling multimedia assets. However, the site is developed (or redeveloped) […] Continue Reading…

On Quest for better Telecom Services

Posted by Charles | December 16, 2007 | Comment

After my bad experience with Verizon I start paying attention to telecom companies that offer good services and products. One of my friends has be working for Qwest for many years and always brags about the company. I went on Qwest to check out their products. They do have some nice offers, including Qwest Internet and Qwest DSL. And believe it or not, their high speed internet access service won 2007’s highest in customer satisfaction, by J.D.Power. That’s something! And comparing to basic FiOS, they do have very good deal with comparable speed. Qwest Choice 3.0-5.0 DSL […] Continue Reading…

Flex Reflection to Calm the Cheers

Posted by Charles | December 14, 2007 | 1 Comment

Adobe certainly knows how to “disturb” the holiday spirit, by introducing a big load of goodies. The Flex community has been catching a wild fire since last night. All the cool kids abandoned their online shopping carts full of gadgets and turned to cheer, crank and toy with Adobe. Then, Yahoo joined the crowd by skinning and dressing up the Flex for holiday, that will delay another day of big load of gift shipping. What can I say, 2008 will be the year of RIA. For now, let me calm you down with a good and “old” friend, the […] Continue Reading…

Place to Flash out Your Life Events

Posted by Charles | December 13, 2007 | Comment

I’ve written about Flex is getting more social and your time capsule can be managed by Flex social network too. Looks the trend has been enforced by more social network embracing Flash based RIA to provide more visual appealing web social environment. The new startup Xakash is one of them.

Xakash is focusing on managing your life events while allow you connect to friends. Once you establish a very extensive profile about yourself, you can start building your life event with all the multimedia uploaded. A 3D Flash event viewer will interactively display your life events.

The 3D flash viewer makes […] Continue Reading…

Adobe Closed Web App Loop with BlazeDS

Posted by Charles | December 12, 2007 | Comment

At Flex 1.0, Adobe tied the RIA UI with the Flex Server, and with a big price tag. That didn’t go very well. Then, it seemed that the RIA is all about UI. The server piece (lately called LiveCycle Data Services DS) was siting side line waiting for deep packets. Tonight, Adobe finally closed the web application loop, in the right way. They just announced the BlazeDS, the open source LiveCycle Data Service. And, no more hacking of AMF, it’s on open source too! No more waste of your time. Go check it out.

Connect the Dots with Flash

Posted by Charles | December 12, 2007 | Comment

If you believe nothing is coincident in this world, then you’d love to explore the relationships or connections between things. And there is no better way than visualize that kind of correlations among the things you are interested in. If it happens that you love music too, you would love a Flash site called TuneGlue. TuneGlue is a mashup Flash application of and It’s built using the APIs provided by both of them. You can start searching anything you want in the search box. From there you can expand the item found to find related artists or […] Continue Reading…

Flex Getting More Social

Posted by Charles | December 11, 2007 | Comment

Social media is becoming the next (or current) frontier of technology and new business battle ground. Put those well known figures (facebook, myspace, yadayada) aside, Adobe Flex has been chosen more and more as the social network building block. I’ve introduced one a few days ago. Here is another one jumps into the social graph pit, intronetworks, a Flex social application. I should say Intronetworks is quite interesting and unique in some aspects. It’s not a complete social network yet but it shows some potential as a Flex RIA web system. Among the six basic elements of a social […] Continue Reading…

Flickr Going Flash on Photo Editing

Posted by Charles | December 10, 2007 | Comment

We all know by now Flickr is not the largest online photo repository but it’s the most well known and the flag ship of web 2.0 web site. Flickr’s API is one of the most masked up around the web too. One thing is alwasy missing there is the photo editing. But not anymore. Flickr now fully integrates with Pcnik, one of the best web 2.0 Flash based photo editing online community. With Picnik, Flickr is having wings now and is flying higher. It certainly provides much needed stickiness it’s looking for, only because there are way too many […] Continue Reading…


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